44 thoughts on “People Are Impersonating Cops Durring Robberies, Because Cops Are Allowed To Rob You

  1. I have to say, you have really found your niche with this. Your videos have definitely become top notch. I'm super proud of you. I've been critical of you in the past, but you have reach a whole new level and I'm once again subscribed.

  2. I have my own policy, when both my dogs alert in a certain manner, a smart crook would vacate. If they are still alerting then it’s weapons time. Cops have been known to raid the wrong house once in a while and worse off kill the rightful defenders with complete immunity. Attention law enforcement agencies, don’t fuck up here, you’ll be leaving in a bag, all of you. Your swat bullshit means nothing, nor does your cool looking 223 DEROS gear. My loads go through your “protective barriers” your car, chest plate, Kevlar helmet and canine. Just remember, you want to go home after your shift so stay straight. Ohh Raah. 🇺🇸

  3. The system mandates that POLICE remain corrupt pigs against the people; otherwise, the draconian #1 prolific bootlicking problem would have been solved years ago!
    (Even school children grow up hating the police!)
    Qualified immunity was Satan's greatest gift to law enforcement abuse!
    – (Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022)

  4. I missed your videos James. Can't help but wonder if you got some b.s ticket or something lately that inspired you, but it's good to see you in the notifications once again.

  5. It upsets me as a welder/fabricator that I contribute to society whist road pirates sit around all day stealing claiming their lives matter whilst people like me and mine nearly unlife daily via an honest paycheck.

  6. 🤣😭 scary comedy… only nervous anger coping. Dig deeper, find the rage, let it consume you and attempt to function in current society. The best slave is one who falsely believes they free… we have an opportunity to change it all right now, pick a side!… people can reclaim sovereignty or be forced to find it, either way battle is inevitable… you can all feel it!

  7. You really stepped up your productions lately, while keeping the message consistent. These videos are very easy to share, too.

  8. What's the difference between a No-knock warrant and a robbery
    Not a damn thing both are committed by criminals

  9. Irony right can you imagine the audacity of people thinking that they can get away with robbing hurting and stealing and not being held accountable sounds exactly like every police force in America to me

  10. Organized crime. The Blue. Somehow we have 30+ states with medical Marijuana laws, they did not get that from palatitions, the citizens got it on ballots and passed it.

  11. If the Ruski invassion of Ukrain has taught us anything, its that shoulder launched munitions are very effective against the side with the bigger stick. This is why the 2nd ammendment has been changed from "right to keep and bear arms" into the right to mabye keep and sometimes bear approved small arms. There is only one fix to our nations oppression and that is to kill the oppressors. Fuck peace, fuck voting, fuck protests. Its time to wipe these motherfuckers off the face of the earth. Its time to end their seed (I fucking mean it) and turn the very idea of trampling our rights into a waking fucking nightmare for staye employees. Its not just time to defeat the enemy of liberty, but time to make incstinc the bureaucrats, front line thugs, polititians and corporate cronies that are all up on our balls. Fuck the union, that thin blue line and fuck those yankees who invaded my fucking country. God damn the declaration of independence, the constitution and we the people for turning the greatest documents of creed into so much asswipe.

  12. It shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way they conduct themselves if criminals can mimic the behaviour to their benefit

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