Pay it forward – small town low pop, low income.

Pay it forward
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47 thoughts on “Pay it forward – small town low pop, low income.

  1. How much money has been awarded to you in lawsuits filed against law enforcement & government agencies?
    Every dime of that was the people of the communities involved. The guilty officers and government actors dont pay it. Its theft of the innocent. Taking money that could benefit those communities and children their families.
    That's the part about these audits that is just as wrong as the cops who do misbehave. The law ain't being punished, the people are forced to cover the cost of the wrong doers.. So while you put on a show and b.s. about paying it foward, some group of children wont get a park or books in a library. A family or several wont get a hot meal or shower. Think about your crimes and how it effects innocent people, before pretending your paying anything foward.
    Your hands are not free from dirt.. You are not making a difference for anybody's future except your own.. Great use of your rights and liberty..

  2. He's going to do some big time just like Josh Abrahms and Eric Brandt, that will teach him a lesson for being an ass to the general public invading there privacy when doing his frauditing, it's one thing to fraudit the cops and officials, but when you attack someone like a postal clerk or secretary, etc… well, that's just fucking wrong, when these innocent people are just trying to make an honest living.

  3. Hope he took this time to quit his 3 pack a day cigarette habit, in the county I live in cigs are $15.00 per pack, that's almost $1500.00 per month think about how many hungry people he could feed since you're speaking about being humanitarians.

  4. Hello james Madison. I have a question to ask. Is it lawful for an officer to handcuff you without. Out of charge. And hold you there in handcuffs for more than an hour.. and then try to threaten you to arrest you for not identifying yourself and for recording them. I was just detained my handcuffs by an officer in Madison county in Indiana. My daughter was supposed to have went to court but left the courthouse leaving me and my grandson standing there holding the bag. They detain me saying that they was doing an investigation. They had me in handcuffs for more than an hour. But after I started selling them that they had no lawful reason to handcuffed me and I had no right to tell them what my name or my address . they release me and let me go. But they took my grandson to the child support detective services. Because I will not give him my name and address. But after I gave him my name and address. They said you're free to go but your grandson's staying with us. I started video recording them on Facebook. Which aggravated them even more than I was video recording them and tell him they had me in an illegal detainment detainment. Is it legal for the officers to handcuffed me. Without a charge. When I told them that I was going to go to the jail and the police station and audit them for what they had done. That anchored of me even more and they took my grandson illegally to to child protective services. I want to know what if it is lawful for them to do that and if I have a lawsuit against them for illegally taking me and illegally kidnapping my grandson. If you could get back to me and let me know what I should do I have complaint forms on the officers I haven't filled them out yet because I just got released from custody which they say I was not in custody but I was detained by handcuffs to me that is illegal because I did nothing wrong other than walk up and talk to my grandson and take him with me. So I need to know what I can do and who I should file lawsuits against or if I have a case to file lawsuits against because they like I said they illegally detained me. And once again this I said this is Madison count in Indiana. I know they was very agitated when I recorded them and it was even more agitated at the jail and at the police station. They tried to force me to leave and stop video taping them. But once I inform them up if I was not detained and I was free to go. That I was free to stay and record. Which angered them even more. But I'm going to fill out these complaint forms on the officers that refuse to identify themselves I have their pictures and video. I know this is no concern of you but I watch your videos all the time. And if it wasn't for me watching your videos I wouldn't have known what to do and want to say to them. So I want to thank you for letting me watch your videos. And for some of the knowledge you passed on. So if you can write me back on here I have their video on Facebook I know I was a little angry when I did it because they legally changed me. But if you want to see it and check it out I know it's on Bobby McDonald on Facebook I don't know what to do I'm kind of lost I've never tried to audit someone or videotape to police. But after watching you guys' videos I learned a lot if you can get that help me thank you

  5. Hi, I have a work around for flashlights being shined into the lens of the camera blinding the camera. The fix is to do the same as you would do if you were photographing the sun's corona around the sun. you make a round black piece of paper about the size of a dime to a quarter. Glue a stiff 1 foot long wire to one side. put a 90 degree bend at the round peace of paper. than fasten outer end of wire to camera mount. Now when someone shines a light at your camera just position the dot blocker between the light source {flashlight/spotlight} and camera lens. You may have to adjust size of dot blocker for your application needs, and length of stiff wire for optimal effectiveness. But this will give your camera the ability to focus without glare defusing the image. It works for me when taking pics of the sun, and I tried it with a flashlight too. Works for me! Also, you can glue the blocker dot to a stick too, and hold & adjust it as you video to making it easier to adjust quickly, but it will take you two hands this way. The dot blocker will only block out that section of the light source affecting the camera enabling you to record the rest of the area you want. Get back to me, and let me know how it works for you. Also if you think of any mods you may think up to make it more easy to use, or effective.

  6. Do you have a permit for that food stand? Itโ€™s in the street. Did you get permission to film the stand? Why are are you leaving money? Is it for drugs? Youโ€™re very suspicious. Do you have an ID? Youโ€™re hindering our investigation. Youโ€™re obstructing. Have a seat on the ground.

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