Pasco Cop Doesn’t Take The Bait

By law, every United States municipality with a population greater than 10,000 is required to have at least one dude who looks (and acts) erratically, however in many areas Ordinance 12(b) allows the guy to – occasionally – be more stable than his appearance might suggest. This so-called ‘ten-thousandth man’ must have sufficient knowledge of the law to be a nuisance, but he must never be permitted to have enough knowledge to be dangerous.

Recent changes to the Uniform Commercial Code suggest that if any such individual’s knowledge of the law was to surpass that of your median Moorish National (no joinder intended), pursuant to the current construction of 970 UCC § 1974 (B)(6)(b), the individual must act swiftly to identify a replacement nuisance-citizen within fourteen days.

The ten-thousandth man must possess at-most-rudimentary sign-making abilities. They must own or otherwise be able to somehow obtain multiple livestream-capable cameras, and – critically – they must have the testicular fortitude to stand outside doing essentially nothing other than occasionally shouting for long periods of time.

The position in Pasco is not available.

Note: The foregoing is not true.
Surnote: But some people are going to be convinced that it is.

(Many of those people have jobs waiting for them…)


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Author: rafael.nieves


41 thoughts on “Pasco Cop Doesn’t Take The Bait

  1. I like that the cops treated him well. I also like that he was familiar with the Bible but missed the most important part starting with the book of Mathew. He is right there is more after this life. There is an eternity and we have a choice on where we spend it.

    There are two destinations, Heaven or Hell. To get to Heaven, a person must in a prayer admit they are a sinner, ask God for forgiveness and ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior . If they do this and mean it, they will spend eternity in Heaven.

    If you decide you don't need to do this you're a good person, they just have to let you in. Well you aren't . Hell is full of "good" people. There is so much more I could say but this is enough. Just remember this, God loves everyone. He wants everyone in Heaven but most chose Hell by rejecting His offer of Salvation.

  2. Is there a law requiring all nutjobs to have a red beard? Really—Youtube is replete with examples—sovereign citizens, “first amendment auditors,” and just plain squirrel turds like this guy. Little red beards.

  3. All I see is smartass comments about this mans appearance, not his civil rights that were violated…what a joke! Do you know that over 90% of all SF and Spec Ops veterans basically have the same appearance? Most of you have probably done nothing for your country and are sheep who are all followers and not leaders.. I don't know this man, but I do know this happens quite frequently to anyone with balls to stand up for his civil rights. Grow up sissies and stop acting like school yard bullies.

  4. This guy is smarter than many people give him credit for I think. Just had a rough expirience with some things I think. Very paranoid about being targeted by police. It's nice to see officers like this that know that and are able to bring some life back into them

  5. I hate when people crap all over guys like this. I pity this guy, he's obviously not a bad person. After watching several of the other videos of him, I absolutely believe there are other police on that dept that absolutely instigate issues with him because he's got mental health issues and they feel powerful knowing they can taunt him without recourse. These police here seem to be good police officers and we need more of them.

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