Over a Hundred Arrested Resisting one of the World’s Largest Arms Fairs

Hundreds of protesters gathered in East London at one of the world’s largest arms fairs seeking to peacefully prevent the Defence and Security Equipment International from going ahead as usual.

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Author: phillyfinest369


27 thoughts on “Over a Hundred Arrested Resisting one of the World’s Largest Arms Fairs

  1. FA CT: The Military Industrial Complex are the largest consumers of sequestered carbon and thus the largest contributors to global warming.
    The atmospheric dynamics of this planet does not recognise human constructs such as – religion, politics, borders or sovereignty.
    'Immigration', or to be more accurate – migration, is not a new phenomenon. Whenever and wherever habitat loss is taking place, species migrate, this is a fact of life on planet Earth.
    At this stage in our extremely young evolution, humans need to realise that we are all one species.
    Of course the reality is, it is too late. The current apex-predator will utlimately succumb to extinction before the close of this century, if not sooner.
    So whilst that process is underway as part of the ongoing Sixth Mass Extinction Event, humans should:
    a) Keep their cocks in their codpieces and the chastity belts well locked.
    b) Abolish religion and embrace contraception and abortion rights.
    c) Abolish the MIC and decommission ALL weapons from the handgun to the ICBM.
    d) Abolish borders and relinquish sovereignty.

    If they want any chace of meeting extinction with peace and dignity.

  2. it’s interesting how the left has focused so much effort on taking guns away from law abiding gun owners who, in comparison to the government, have been responsible for a tiny fraction of deaths caused by guns. Governments have killed 160,000,000 people in just the last century.

  3. The working class needs more than a gun for protection against a virulent right wing authoritarian government, they need to be an organize army!
    Neoliberalism is out to pauperize the working class into economic servitude is the greater threat than migrating refugees.

  4. This is in the UK?! Are you kidding me! I thought this was a piece about the USA!
    Holy shit. Kick those merchants of death out of your country! You've got enough problems as it is.
    Don't let them sell weapons that will create even more refugees.

  5. The thumbs up and thumbs down are useless!!! So I'll comment. More people need to know how government operates.I would support the protesters and give them a thumbs up and thumbs down to arms dealers.

  6. At 0:56, a police officer roughly pushes a middle-aged man away, and at roughly 1:05 we see a couple of cops roughly treating I think a slightly older man who's on his back, on the ground. That's being rough, esp. when the demonstrators weren't violent. I guess that goes with being for activism. I don't think it should be legal for police to behave roughly against peaceful demonstrators and also against the right to express our disagreements peacefully, but such police need to wake up to reality and face the fact that their govts are corrupt, etc. In these two instances mentioned about this video, I think we could say that these cops were acting unlawfully. Of course a problem is that jack-ass legislators decide what's lawful and what isn't, but with moral, say, analysis, it's not right to govern that way. It's like totalitarian, f.e., and that should be against sensible law, in a society that's supposed to be legally democratic anyway. Not sure if England is but am guessing that it is.

  7. I would have gone to protest, but I can’t afford to travel from Scotland to London. the British Government just took away 6 years of my pension, (I should have retired this year) I didn’t know that they were they were going to do it, otherwise I would have put something in Place.
    They only care about stealing our taxes to line their own dirty pockets!

  8. Let us look at the reality. If you need these weapons something is very wrong with the world stage.The little people with their tiny hope of protection have no chance, when governments drone you to death.

  9. It wouldn't be wrong to have these fairs if these weapons did not end up in the hands of actual TERRORISTS, like the UK military and their proxies, like the BinSaud desert mafia. 100% FACT.

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