Johnson’s Brexit Mess Now a “Constitutional Crisis”

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to undermine parliament and the Brexit process by temporarily suspending parliament, but now a court has ruled that the suspension is unlawful and a constitutional crisis unfolds, says Grace Blakeley

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38 thoughts on “Johnson’s Brexit Mess Now a “Constitutional Crisis”

  1. This makes me think of how even if there's a minority of irrational people, they can still throw a wrench in a fundamentally broken system. Most people understand that No Deal is extremism and will have grave consequences but there's still X amount of people who don't give a damn and just want what they want no matter what. It's the same thing with Trump threatening to end birth right citizenship or revoke posse comitatus or shutdown the U.S Mexico Border etc.

  2. Court surrounded by Hysterical mob of pro EU SNP remoaners.

    Who is going to take this seriously come on,Scottish judges in pro EU SNP backed Scotland, the decision is no surprise say no more.

    All these hysterical undemocratic remoaners want to do is sabotage brexit from happening in any way they can,they don't like it because suspending parliament for a few more days has just stopped the remoaners from creating more sabotaging tactics to stop brexit

  3. It's actually kind of enjoyable watching the Brits shoot themselves in the foot. They are under the illusion now that they still have a choice to stay or leave. My guess is that the EU is about to say don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  4. Many brits have some serious problems, first and most notably they are still trying to live in a world of old imperial glamour that is quite simply non existent anymore. This nostalgia clouds their minds and their ability to reason. They gave up a privileged position in the EU that non other EU member has for a more favourable supposed independence, with dire consequences for their economy. The European integration is not the Euro, it’s a process that is ongoing for almost 70 years now, starting with the Montane Union and Euratom in the 50s of the last century. It was created because of the foresight that cooperation is more favourable and would also make conflicts with wars impossible. The other point showing the lack of pragmatic intelligence is that the brits are as responsible for the eu crisis as all others are and now even more but are unwilling to take the consequences. Britain together with the USA and other nations is responsible for the failed regime change policy, the destabilisation of the Middle East and Africa and the resulting refugee crisis, the main reason for the leave vote. It is ironic and a slap in the face that they themselves are complaining without questioning themselves and the results of their own doing. Britain thereby is one of the nations that has brought MOST harm to the EU, not Greece, not Italy, Spain or any other European country. It is not only good for the EU that Britain leaves, it is furthermore a demand that Britain should be REMOVED on the 31. Oct. from the EU without hesitation, any deals, as a consequence for their arrogant world view and the nationalistic people that voted leave. I’m just sorry for the 49% smart people that voted stay and will be punished this way for the blindness of their brethren. Beyond that I’m sincerely sad and grieve for the Irish people because the European integration brought them peace and I fear that this hard negotiated peace is at stake now again. Nationalism is a thing of the past and has never been good for anything, this trend to nationalism that is visible all over the world will have a devastating impact for all of us in the future, mark my words and it the end we still have to inevitably deal with each other and get along with cooperation and integration. Nationalism is a dead end and identity is not related to a fixed point in history, it is created over and over again by an ongoing process of creating tradition that permanently renews itself, that is what history proves and that’s what history is about. A conservative, nationalistic forced creation of identity as illustrated by Germany in the 18th and 19th century will only end in a big catastrophe, as well as trying to keep it fixed.

  5. You misrepresent the prorogue situation by declaring it to be for five weeks entirely for the purposes of preventing debate of Brexit.

    Firstly, Parliament has not sat at this time of the year for more than eighty years, it happens every year that Parliament is closed for a month at this time to accommodate the Party Conferences. Secondly, the additional days of closure, amounting to about a week, would make little difference to debate when the opponents of Brexit have already had three years to talk it to a state of standstill as they try to prevent it happening at all. Thirdly, Parliament will resume with two weeks to debate Brexit before the 31st October, the date the UK are due to leave the EU. (Johnson could have closed Parliament until the 1st November had he wanted to avoid debate). There is ample time to say what needs to be said.

    Forth, the Parliamentary session just brought to a close is one of the longest in history, we have a new Prime Minister, he requires a Queen's Speech in which to set forth his policies for debate; aside from the all consuming Brexit out domestic political agenda has been badly neglected for the past three years.

  6. She's saying the exact same thing about Johnson and his fake Populist message that another Brexit expert was saying to Michael Brooks on The Majority Report with Sam Seder. I hope Labour can get a cohesive message and get behind Corbyn. Johnson will destroy Britain like Trump and the Republicans are destroying America!!!

  7. I guess MSNBC is buying 'up next' autoplay on TRN? Don't forget Comcast/NBC is an evil corporation who would like nothing more than ending net neutrality, support of the military state and screaming about russia all night on the evening news while voters drink poisoned water.

  8. Blah blah blah. All meaningless rubbish. On another totally off topic view. The women reminds me of Jane Seymour. But back to this stupid nonsense. The UK and British public should just ignore Parliament and talk with each other. And find common cause and consensus. Then implement them. Leaving Parliament out of it all together.

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