Officer Reveles LAPD South Traffic shows how it should be done

Ran into Officer Reveles again….she has no problem with transparency. There are only a handful of cops I can say I’m glad to see when I’m recording- and she is one of them.
I’m about accountability- the good the bad and the ugly.
I bring up the closed jail a lot with different officers, because it is a clear indication of poor planning by LAPD to put millions into a new police station, including an ugly sculpture in front, that by it’s self cost a million dollars- dollars that could have been more wisely spent on JAILERS for the Harbor Division Station.
The City of San Pedro has requested the jail be opened for years and years now- so they can have more police officers on patrol, to protect them and their property. But if an officer with an arrest has to make a 30-45min drive to the 77th Division- the hour or so booking time, then another 30-45m drive back- those officers are not available for around 2-4 hours of their 12 hour shift- and if they make another arrest- you do the math.
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20 thoughts on “Officer Reveles LAPD South Traffic shows how it should be done

  1. Gee a woman officer who is not worried about going with the flow to gain respect from fellow officers. She's actually respecting her oath and herself more than some crap sense of loyalty to the brotherhood. We need more cops like her! She should keep training and she should be getting paid for doing it correctly!

  2. Now why can't all cops be like Officer Reveles? You say Skirts on the Beat but you never wear skirts lol

  3. It is funny how the goons all of a sudden use a cone of silence (Watch Get Smart to understand the comment) when you ask them what happen. The 7-11 scenario they probably got robbed it is funny how the goons always want the suspect to talk yet they cannot talk to the media or in their minds you are not the "real" media so they choose not to talk to you. I am not surprise the traffic officer has to be friendly because she deals with people. I think traffic is real police work instead of harassing a 70 year old man for trying to buy pussy on Figueroa, I know from experience that buying pussy is expensive, I just paid for a high price dinner for Valentines Day:) Anyway I digress.

  4. Liked and subscribed. I finished your 9 minute police interaction video.
    I was working on a playlist I intended to call "police attitudes – good bad & ugly." I wasn't going to make it public until i had several videos available for it but I am going to start it with one of mine and this one here with Reveles.
    Simply liking a video by clicking the thumb does very little to increase views unless I am mistaken.
    Time will tell if creating a new playlist that includes this video and a new one of mine brings views or not.

  5. i love you film those mother fuckers foever the police was invented to go after slaves usa kkk was the inventors of mass incarceration look at your history in the usa and if you ask all police in all usa do thay [support mass incarceration] thay will say yes we are the slaves today in time this applies all races's i love you film those police mother fucker crooks

  6. good morning laura.
    wow a professional cop…….and she's a woman.
    very nice
    good video.
    if i remember right, she doesnt like TMFZ much.
    she's much nicer to you.

  7. If only more "law enforcement" are like her, they would gain a lot of friends and support from the public! I'm so thankful someone like this female officer exist, it's like winning the lottery jackpot!

  8. i may have been hasty in your first video with this cop she does sound like a decent cop hope she doesn't change good video girl. sorry to the cop if she looks up your chanel

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