Officer Medical Emergency Captured on His Own Body Camera; Accident Investigation

There are two very different stories in this video. The title story appears later on, generally beginning around 12:30. The preceding interview, however, stands strongly on its own, offering a raw view into an unfortunate reality of police work: accident investigation.

Below you will find a synopsis of the accident events. Regarding the officer medical emergency, Real World Police is working to verify an update received. Until then, nothing further.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at 1:00 am 19-year-old Jennifer Alejandra Beltran Rojas was riding as passenger on a 50cc [read: slow even with one rider] 2017 Riya scooter in Orlando, Florida when the scooter was struck by the front bumper of a grey Lexus IS250. Both scooter riders were ejected a distance and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center; the driver of the Lexus declined medical attention. At 9:11 pm Ms. Rojas was pronounced deceased due to severe head trauma. She had been wearing a three-quarter motorcycle helmet with a full-face shield, but it appears that the chin strap was not fastened, and that the helmet had come off early in the accident sequence.

Gustavo Andres Zarta-Osorio had been married to Ms. Rojas and was in control of the scooter at the time of the accident. In a translated-from-Spanish interview later that day, Zarta-Osorio provided the following (excerpted) information:

He had been at the McDonalds located at 5400 S. Kirkman Road with his wife. When preparing to leave, and while seated on the front seat of the scooter, he turned around to assist her with her helmet, as she was having trouble putting it on due to her hair. After putting her helmet on her head, he turned around and faced forward again. He did not know if she had strapped the helmet on. Zarta-Osorio stated that they had been in the right lane because the scooter doesn’t travel very fast and they would be making a right turn onto Conroy Road.

Zarta-Osorio stated they were traveling less than 50 miles per hour and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. When they were halfway across the bridge, he was knocked off his scooter. He put his hands out so he wouldn’t hit his head. After landing on the ground, he got up and looked for his wife. He found her with bumps and abrasions on her head. And no helmet.


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48 thoughts on “Officer Medical Emergency Captured on His Own Body Camera; Accident Investigation

  1. saw this happen to a friend one day..hanging out in my backyard,,, just collapsed,,siezured a bit…came back to..didnt even know anything happened when he regained consciousness,, went to a doctor..could never find the cause and it hasnt happened since..we still talk about it like happened that night ?? haha

  2. if i heard correctly that he said these strobes are messing with me, then he might have had a case of flicker vertigo. and one of the signs of that is fainting. and another possibility is that he may have photosensitive epilepsy and it has yet to be diagnosed. and i know that having epilepsy doesn't necessarily disqualify you from being employed as a police officer.

  3. The guy got off. Well he had to be sentenced with the mandatory minimum (reckless driving) but other than that he wasn't charged with vehicular homicide or anything. He didn't even get his license taken away. The cop I'm not sure. Didn't see the uploader reply about that yet.

  4. Doesn’t seem as if it was a seizure at all. Being that he was apparently conscious and alert immediately following the first time he went to the ground. Seizures are very nearly always followed by a ‘post-ictal period’ which generally is seen as severe confusion and disorientation. This could’ve been many many different things happening.

  5. "I'm just tired…" LOL… the confidence. I mean, I get it, he's trying to "come back" and make it all go away but there are limits man. If one stumbles, okay, happens. Can already be an indicator of more serious issues but let's say one regains one's balance. But falling on the ground like a ragdoll and then stating "It's allright, nothing to see here!" is a bit of a downplay.

  6. WOW! The driver seemed believable and obviously upset over the accident but then to see his face when the detective went down. I hope everything turned out okay for both the driver and detective.

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