30 thoughts on “Obedience – The leading cause of death for humans

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    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Itยดs 2nd nature to them

  2. @James Freeman brilliant including Milgram's experiments with this. I remember seeing a documentary years ago about this and it left me sick to my stomach for several days. The sociological implications of Milgram's experiments are terrifying. I just downloaded "Experimenter" (2015) and will be watching it tonight. But once again I fully anticipate it will make me ill. Police academy candidates should all be required to have a full psych eval, but as far as I know it's never done. If anything it seems as though the prime candidates are ones with serious psychological disorders, chief among them narcissism and sociopathy. It wouldn't surprise me if some form of a Milgram's experiment were administered to police candidates to determine their compliance to authority in abusing others which, as Milgram showed, is also a clear indication of lack of moral conscience.

  3. These people are talking about human nature as if that's a thing. there is no such thing as human nature outside of the context of environment. humans are only greedy in an environment of scarcity or perceived scarcity. humans are incredibly generous in an environment of abundance. In a hostile environment human beings become violent. In a loving environment human beings show nothing but love.

  4. There is a difference between the law & legal statutes. The law is more accurately called the Common Law. The basic tenant is do no harm. If we haven't injured anyone or damaged anyone's property then no law was broken. The problem has become that the legislature allows itself to be controlled by rogue elements to pass legislation to control our behavior which becomes tyranny when cops enforce it when they have no obligation to. A cop's highest duty is to protect People's rights. Unfortunately they are not taught that.

  5. I have seen some of your interactions and I think you can get a lot further changing how police officers interact with people by treating the police with kindness. Being confrontational and rude to police will not change a thing but only affect how they interact with the people in the future. I believe 99% of cops are good but the media only shows the bad ones

  6. Whenever I hear about victimless drug crimes, I wonder what the average Mexican thinks of that statement. The dealer killed for his stash. The burglaries to Support the habit. Seems the unspoken victims are the ones not using drugs.

  7. That's awesome man! Keep up the GREAT work. One discussion, one march, one video, one whatever at a time these fucking scumbags will get under control or pay the consequences! It's coming and you and I both know they are not ready for it! That's why they have ramped things up trying to instill the fear.

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