NYPD Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Left Man Paralyzed – 9th Precinct – June 4, 2020

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The NYPD is investigating a police-involved shooting that took place early Thursday morning in Manhattan.

Police say that at 6:40 a.m. on June 4, two officers assigned to the 9th Precinct entered Healthy Green Gourmet, located at 48 3rd Avenue, and were followed inside by a 55-year-old man with a knife. The man proceeded to menace the officers with the knife, causing one officer to deploy her taser.

The taser was ineffective in stopping the suspect’s advances. The suspect then set his sights on the store clerk and the two got into a confrontation before the suspect tried to leave the store. As the suspect left the store, he shoved the second female officer.

Outside, the suspect continued to motion towards his waistband and refused the officer’s repeated demands to stop his aggressive advances. An additional officer who responded to the scene and the original officer both fired shots at the suspect, hitting him in the arm and torso.

The suspect was taken to an area hospital in stable condition, while four officers were taken to a different hospital. A knife was recovered at the scene by the NYPD.

The investigation is active and ongoing.

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31 thoughts on “NYPD Body Cam: Officer Involved Shooting Left Man Paralyzed – 9th Precinct – June 4, 2020

  1. Remember this is the same NY City where the mayor, the police chief and commissioners don't back their officers. This is the city that unraveled every policies that favored the officers and its mayor allows BLM to paint Black Lives Matter on its street. Many of its best officers resigned, its senior officers took early retirements and now officers moral is at an ever time low. With an anti-police mayor who embraces ANITIFA and BLM, this is one of the outcome with officers abandoning their partners leaving them to defend for themselves alone. 10 years of being kicked in the gut, demoralized, all they want is put in their hours, avoid confrontations and get home as fast as they can at the end of their shift. Democrat governed cities, this is the result you get when you vote them in!

  2. Fire officer Suarez for abandoning her partner and for more importantly not watching her crossfire. There was another officer right behind the suspect when she shot him. If that officer would have been hit, she would have been done for.

  3. Police officer Suarez abandoned her partner when her partner was in danger. The clerk disarmed the perp. With the perp unarmed, and when plenty of help had arrived to take him down, Suarez then shoots him. When Suarez does shoot, she has another policeman directly in her line of fire. What a shit show.

  4. If I was the store clerk when he raised his hands up like "what are you're going to do?" .. I would of said " close that door now you can't leave". Beat the living thing out of him. You have to put some fear in those people. Everyone bleeds the same.

  5. No sympathy for Peyman.
    No surprise for NYC Police though… How much were they Defunded? How much FORCED Diversity do they have to endure? I'd be surprised if the force was more than 60% male…. Oh wait.. forgot.. NYC endorses 58+ genders don't they… I take back what I said… I'd be surprised if the force was more than 20% identified male.

  6. 2 Stupid famale cops again. They have both guns and 1 runs out of the store and the other one hides behind the clerk draws pistol and doesnt do anything. Lets the clerk take the knife away. Then lets her collegue that ran outside get attacked by the robber and doesnt do shit to help out. OMFG. Useless female cops. Love to see the purp got paralyzed haha good punishment 🙂

  7. Wouldn't want any of those overweight ponytail officers as my partner. These are the results of "equal outcome" as opposed to "equal opportunity".
    I would rather refer to them in the video as Female Officer Hide Quota and Female Officer Runaway Quota so everybody could easily identify who we're talking about when referencing them.

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