29 thoughts on “Nurse knows how cops are! Save a blue wife!

  1. Know this!!!
    Narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths gravitate to these kinds of "people helping" occupations. They Love the power over others, and find these potions to be were they can find their easiest FEEEEEEEED (victims).

    Know them by their fruit.
    They hide as wolves in sheeps clothing. They wonder to and fro, like a roaring lion, looking for who they can devour.
    They come to steal, kill, and destroy.
    Many PARISH for lack of knowledge.

    🙏Wake and see, the truth WILL set you free.

  2. Badge bunnies wanna get in on that 6 figure income bracket.
    They are bona fide bootlickers so I simply don't care about their plight.
    Listen to them at Support the Blue rallies. They know what they signed up for and become entitled and abusive in their own way. The two parties deserve each other.

  3. She speaks the truth. My bad cop dad hit on other women, scammed old ladies and vouyered parked cars with couples, then terrorizing the occupants. Don't date a cop!

  4. Police have one of the highest divorce rates in the US. These people are frequently serial cheaters. Why? If you've been watching YouTube, then you know it's because they have no morals.

  5. Turns out integrity and honesty aren't the virtues most attracted to positions of power. In fact it could be argued that there's no virtue attracted to positions of power, it's only people bereft of virtue who are attracted to being cops.

  6. The old Navy toast,
    Just as good for this wing of Government…
    I raise a glass –
    To all our Wives and Girlfriends !
    Reply –
    May they never meet !

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