NFL Free Safety Marcus Maye Arrested for DUI, Hit & Run

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — On February 22, 2021, New York Jets free safety Marcus Dajon Maye was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Bryant Maseille on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving under the influence with property damage, hit and run, and careless driving.

From the report of Trooper Maseille, lightly edited for clarity:

“On 02/22/2021, I, Trooper Maseille of the Florida Highway Patrol, was on routine patrol at approximately 7:48 pm when I was dispatched by the Lake Worth Regional Communications Center, (LWRCC), to a hit and run crash on a State Road 91 (Florida’s Turnpike) just north of Commercial Boulevard at mile marker 62 in Broward County, Florida. The LWRCC advised me that a black Volvo SUV had been struck by an unknown black SUV. The unknown black SUV failed to remain at the scene.

When I arrived on scene at 7:58 pm, I observed that the black Volvo XC60 had damage to its left rear and was stationary on the east shoulder of SR 91.I approached the passenger window of the Volvo and spoke to the female driver, who stated that a black SUV had collided with her SUV and continued. I went back to my patrol vehicle and began to open my crash report when I was advised by Road Ranger Hussaine Singh that there was a black SUV stationary on the east shoulder just north of my location with damage to its front right. Road Ranger Singh left my location to assist the black SUV.

As I began to write the report for the driver of the Volvo XC60, I was advised by LWRCC that Mr. Singh had approached the black SUV and observed that its driver was unresponsive and moving side-to-side. I left driver two and headed to Mr. Singh’s location. When I arrived, I observed a black Mercedes GLE43 SUV stationary on the east shoulder of SR91. The driver’s door was open, and the male driver had his head out the door and facing the ground. I called out to the driver to step out of the vehicle and he closed the door. When I approached the passenger side of the Mercedes SUV, I observed a black male driver with glasses and a white undershirt behind the wheel of the Mercedes. He seemed unaware of what was occurring. I looked at the front of the vehicle and observed damage to the front right that matched the damage to the Volvo XC60.”

The video takes over from there. Although the original video is nearly four hours long, most of the removed material consists of Marcus Maye sleeping, and/or the patrol car’s empty backseat.

How Maye’s sister ended up at the scene and whether she may have been present for the alleged hit-and-run is unclear as of this writing.

On March 9, 2021, the State Attorney for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit filed an information charging Maye with one count driving under the influence with property damage, one count driving under the influence, and one count leaving the scene of a crash.

On October 29, 2021, Judge Mindy Solomon granted a defense motion to take the depositions of four individuals associated with Maye’s arrest and alleged collision. The next event in Maye’s case is a January 26, 2022, court hearing.

Attorney Eric Schwartzreich is representing Marcus Maye in this matter. “Marcus was not operating any motor vehicle at the time while he was under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance, nor was Marcus impaired by alcohol or drugs. We look forward to trial, where we are confident that Marcus will be found not guilty of these erroneous allegations,” stated Schwartzreich.

Four days prior to the publication of this story, Marcus Maye tore his achilles tendon in a 45-30 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, sidelining the star free safety for the rest of the season.

To close on a lighter note: while Maye was being driven to the Broward County Jail, he called out Trooper Maseille for exceeding the speed limit. (It does not appear that Maseille took any enforcement action against himself.)




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