New Surveillance Footage Shows T.I. Screaming at Security Guard Prior to T.I.’s Arrest (Part II)

This video – exclusively on Real World Police – is the second in a series of four from this unusual incident. Taken together, the videos paint a comprehensive picture of the events leading up to and including the arrest of Grammy Award winning rapper T.I. on May 16, 2018 at the entrance to his gated community in McDonough, Georgia.

The first two videos utilize surveillance system video and audio to tell the story; the latter pair utilize police body-worn camera video.


The following incident narrative is primarily sourced from the police report. There are some areas where the reported narrative diverges from what appears to take place in the recording:

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at approximately 0443 hours, Henry County Police Department officers were dispatched to the Eagles Landing Country Club located at 100 Eagles Landing Way in McDonough, Georgia, in reference to a male subject later identified as Clifford Harris (“T.I.”) yelling at the security guard because he would not let him in the gate. Dispatch advised responding officers that they could hear Mr. Harris yelling through the phone.

On arrival officers met with Mr. Harris and with his friend, Marquinarius Holmes. When asked what was the problem, Mr. Harris stated that when he pulled up to the guard shack, he observed the guard – Euwan James – sleeping. When Mr. Harris woke him, he asked to be let into the gate, but the guard refused to let him in. Mr. Harris stated that James finally opened the gate to let him in, but added that he had asked the security guard for his name multiple times and asked for his supervisor but that the guard refused to provide that information to him. Mr. Harris then drove home – a bit over a half mile – only to walk back for another attempt at getting the guard’s name. No dice the second time around, either.

When that same officer spoke with the guard (who is referred to in the report as “Officer James”), James is *reported by the officer* as having provided the following information:

When Harris pulled up James asked Harris for his name and where was he going. Harris replied, “Harris, hook me up!”* James did not recognize Harris and did not let him in the gate. In response, stated James, Harris started to use profanity, yelling at him to open the gate. James then opened the gate and let him inside the neighborhood. James further stated that Harris subsequently walked back to the gate and was threatening him, and added that Mr. Holmes had arrived after Mr. Harris.

When asked for specifics of the kind of threats Harris had made, James is reported as having stated that Harris asked him to “come outside so they can deal with it,” however James wrote on his statement that Harris stated “come outside so we can deal with this man to man,” and “Let go in the street.” (It’s not clear that Harris said any either of those two sentences.) James stated he felt threatened by Harris because he told him that he would come back and he did. James added that he did not know what Harris was going to do. James’ supervisor Andrea Stone advised she witnessed Harris yelling at James.

*The recording seems to clearly indicate that he said, “Harris, look me up,” — and not “Harris, hook me up.”

Note: T.I.’s speech from 4:30 – 6:30 is pretty epic. Keep an eye on Marquinarius Holmes’ (guy in the car) subtle facial expressions throughout. They’re great!


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24 thoughts on “New Surveillance Footage Shows T.I. Screaming at Security Guard Prior to T.I.’s Arrest (Part II)

  1. That Police officer is trash I'm no fan of the rapper but the cop is looking for excuses to arrest somebody. The guard was playing the victim any updates??? on what happened to the guard?

  2. Security guard asked numerous times what started this, he deliberately didn't answer and then asked are you going to help me. Security guard should be taken to court and sued for lying to get someone arrested.

  3. I really REALLY hate when people say this. Like LOATHE it……but I think if it was, ohhh say Justin Timberlake …. Ryan sea crest…..Ben affleck….instead of Tip, it would have ended differently.

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