47 thoughts on “NEW! Stopped, Searched, Bagged up, and taken to the cages

  1. FINALLY, I am so glad you mentioned the 10 feet away that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit case of Glik v. Cunniffe stated as an uncontested fact in their ruling that a private citizen has the right to record video and audio of police carrying out their duties in a public place and that the arrest of the citizen for doing that was a violation of the citizen's First and Fourth Amendment rights.

  2. So you teach your kids to not talk to cops….how stupid are you? What are you gonna do when one of your kids end up being abducted, or jumped and needs help, and the only person he sees is a cop? The one person that can help him, but you told him not to talk to cops…so, the end result will be on your hands, and that would be a fucked up place to be especially if that end results in your child being hurt, or god forbid dead… Wow your stupid dude..people need to know their rights, exercise their rights, and don't be ignorant and break the law, or do stuff that draws attention to themselves…far as this dumbass teaching his kid not to talk to cops ,that's just stupid

  3. That cop was cracking me up searching that guy’s belongings!! If anyone noticed it reminded me of that one kid who was always trying to steal a cookie out of the cookie jar and with his parents facing him! I’m sure we all were that kid!!

  4. You know that officer was completely offended that that child was taught not to talk to cops. Love it!!! And that’s why the other officer started spouting directives because his ego went bonkers! I’m thinking police officers aren’t invited much to school career day any longer! Bwahaha

  5. I always think these cop-baiting videos are funny, but they would be even more so if the cops pulled out a Tazer or some Mace and gave you a facefull,; now that would be 'humor'.

  6. I have to believe that the unfortunate Citizen is out of his element and/or without resources and chose to comply rather than face a worst case scenario at the hands of the tyrant who initiated the stop. Sad day in Mudville!

  7. I understand officer Ramos fir being pissed off at James freeman recording him . I’ll be super mad too if I’m trying to rob the lady’s purse and James freeman starts recording me smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. please come to maricopa, arizona!!!
    the police here NEED to be exposed!!!!!!
    the ppl here swear we have the best police but multiple youth have said they harass the public. (especially teens/ 25s & younger)

  9. It should be illegal to harass cops like that. Ramos was right and his boss should have stood with him.
    It’s also a shame that this man is teaching his son to act like this around the cops who are here to protect us.

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