22 thoughts on “New – Sovereign citizens steal, victims don’t defend themselves – Las Vegas

  1. Those poor children of his…….having to hang around doing nothing for this long, while daddy sits there bashing the police force right in front of his children. Wow, what a great role model you are!! 👎🏿👎🏿

  2. When they stop saying dumb shit like I don't mined you filming me but……. Will be when they get it that it doesn't matter if they mined or not it's your right and we can move on unmolested in keeping people safe by keeping them in fucking check! Keep up the good fight man!

  3. Some audits start to look more and more like twitch users, when they play a game.
    Send me 5 $ and ill drop anything or do a silly dance for you.
    Ok, you wanna say, hey, thnx for the donation, ill understand.
    But sorry to say, if an audit needs to become a entertainment thing, to enjoy your viewers, and then hearing oink oink, piggy piggy, etc. then the conversation is disturbed and hardly to follow anymore.
    Don`t know if that is the goal of an audit.

  4. Stop making money for SGV News First, Bad Clash, & James Freeman! UNSUBSCRIBE from them, DON’T WATCH THEIR VIDEOS & DON’T DONATE $! These are abusive cop-haters who almost every god auditor admits are HARMING OUR CAUSE & COMMUNITY.  But they don’t care, cause they aren’t here to help it. So, ignore the statements of them being activists and all. It’s al lies! Just look at their behavior. When they do end up teaching a guard or cop what the laws are, there is no consequence. Let’s face it, no judge would award money to people this abusive to our police force. All they do is turn viewers into haters of the cause despite having taught the cop the law where a good auditor is able to turn him into a supporter of our cause, they create another hater of the cause. All that collectively makes them the MOST INEFFECTIVE auditors out there. In fact, they actually do great harm to us. They destroy the respect & support that good auditors earned out there. All their method achieves is to create shocking video for more you tube clicks, which I suspect is the only reason they are doing this for, considering the dramatic outcome resulting from their idiotic abusive & ineffective & embarrassing behavior. Trust me, we don’t want to associate ourselves with that. To do so, will ensure that we don’t achieve our goal. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that auditors are very needed. There are definitely some bad cops out there. In fact, there are some that are downright criminals. But there is a right & wrong way to go after them. You don’t have to like cops, but this isn’t the way to take out your anger. Also, don’t forget that it also isn’t fair to be a bigot toward all cops. Most cops put their life on the line every day to protect you. Many are killed in the line of duty. Yes, I know that some bad cops have killed innocent people and I agree they belong in the electric chair. But that isn’t what this is about. We all ave the same motivation, so this is about, how do we achieve our goal most effectively … and how do we make sure our efforts actually doing the OPPOSITE!

    The truth is that these 3 fake auditors actually stand to probably be the single biggest reason why our rights become more restrictive. You see these guys are teaching terrorists right now how to use our rights against us to destroy us & to then laugh at America. The terrorists definitely did much reconnaissance on the airlines before their attacks. Hence the success of their plan…. 4 out of 4  planes were highjacked… and here these guys are making a big mockery of how anyone can stand in the face of cops, doing reconnaissance, not having to answer any questions and just laugh at them and tell them to “fuck off pigs”, as all 3 of these fake auditors say. Well beware, case I see it happening that in the name of national security, that they restrict our rights somewhat. These guys don’t use the opportunity as an educational opportunity to teach the cop & gain support. No, they actually yell & scream obscenities at the cop trying to humiliate him and provoke him. Then when they finally get a supervisor to explain the laws to the cop, the try to humiliate him with, “Oh it’s a walk of shame” & “Did you learn something” & “didn’t go the way you shout it would”. That tells you everything about their motivation…. And it is these people that will cause the laws to change. So, just know that when you support them, by either watching their video, donating $ or subscribing to their channel, you are also contributing to the inevitable restriction of our rights. I am an auditor under another channel & 100% advocate for & support good responsible & respectful 1st amendment audits that are geared towards creating a change by positive motivation. Having said that, I’m not against an auditor getting attitude with a bad cop who is giving it. But that should be measured and not done for the motivation of creating shopping content for more clicks

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