37 thoughts on “NEW! Phone Call To Bexar County Court 1 – Come In Or We Will Hunt You Down

  1. Show up with a cellphone video 📹 at the front door 🚪 and video the room with out someone knowing. (On Time )stay about 30 minutes you have purf you was there on time. They can't lock you up.

  2. Saw Rob Wolcheck once followed a judge to see what he does all day, showing up late, not showing up, lying about going to conferences while actually going on vacations. Maybe some investigative journalism should be done about these no show prosecutors and judges.

  3. I just watched your video !!! I hear you said it before as well. This is more proof that they are worthless. Sad when you show up they get a free pass. However, if you car is broken down it not ok. It does not make any sense as even. That especially not fair you was there two times and they never show up. On top they wasting your time and playing games with you. To me that not fair system.

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