New Mexico Police Officer Bit by Bullmastiff

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 4, 2018, Las Cruces Police Officer Pierce E. Wilber responded to a call in reference to stolen property. While investigating, the officer requested that the resident, Philip Olona, put his Bullmastiff in the house so he could look around the back yard without fear of getting bit. Mr. Olona complied… but not well enough, apparently.

Managing to make a bad situation worse, after his dog bit the officer, Olona was unable to provide a responding animal control officer with any proof of vaccinations for his dog – named “Compon” – and Compon was taken for a ten-day quarantine. A few days later, while in quarantine, Compon fell ill. Olona’s mother was contacted for guidance on how to proceed, as Olona himself had been arrested in the interim.

Mr. Olona’s mother decided to have Compon seen by a veterinarian, who diagnosed the dog with severe bacterial pneumonia. Following one week of treatment the dog recovered and was returned to the care of the city animal shelter, as Olona had not complied with the city’s requirements for housing a dangerous dog, including “Beware of Dog” signage, fencing, and a kennel.

Despite multiple inspections and advisements of the requirements Olona ultimately failed to qualify for dangerous dog registration and Compon was euthanized on May 29, 2018, after a 30 day waiting period. Records [written in tenseless and not-conjugated English] relating to the animal control aspect of this incident are at the end of this video. The removed pages are repetitious and do not contain any new material information.


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Author: rafael.nieves


42 thoughts on “New Mexico Police Officer Bit by Bullmastiff

  1. The Dog had to be put down. Dog ownership should not be something underestimated or extremely free especially If you're going for a dog that has potential to protective in its nature…

  2. In what world does that look like a St Bernard lol…. glad the officer was ok, and it wasn't intentionally by the owner, the dog obviously guards the home, many do, he put it away, but the front door being open he saw an opening to attack the strange man in the garden, now behind the gate on the property.
    I also hope the dude with the gun and bike is caught, type of people we don't need on the streets.

  3. You really should learn your dogs. This is not a bull mastiff!! It’s a pit bull cross. Those are by nature and training vicious. Bull mastiff breed ARE NOT naturally vicious. They CAN, as any dog trained to be protective but as a rule Bull Mastiffs are not naturally vicious.

  4. I know that all 'bad' breeds aren't bad; but, stuff like this is why the Bull Mastiff is a breed insurers won't touch. The root of the problem: some of it is nature and some of it is nurture.

    Honestly, Chihuahuas are really bad when it comes to number of bites – the damage they inflict is generally minimal, which is the difference.

  5. The reason the dog acts like that is because the owners beat the dog and doesn’t socialize it with other humans and animals. That is the exact reason dogs like pit bulls get a bad wrap. When they are raised correctly they are the sweetest dogs on the planet

  6. As Judge Judy says, there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners. Our pets are pets. They are helpless and will go the way to the laws of nature if we do not train them, get them medical care and keep them leashed and in a fenced in area. It does not matter if you have a teacup poodle or a bull mastiff. Dogs are dogs. It is our job to take care of them.

  7. It's a shame that poor dog got put down😢His owner Should have been More Responsible,especially with getting his shots!!! It's Always Very Important you get those shots and if he's an unpredictable dog then take precautions with it and make sure it's put up and secured away from people when their around!!! Also,I don't understand why the guys mom went thru all that trouble of making sure the dog went to the vet,when it got sick at animal control and not take the dog herself?!?!

  8. Even though the taxpayers or insurance will be covering that charge but calling a ambulance is big time money thats why most of ambulance is privately owned and not operated by hospitals at least in this area they are just based there. So they always told push ambulance service so I'm the same way as that cop if not an emergency dont call ambulance the price for there service is outrageous. I remember I had to use them one time and the trip there took about 7 minutes and gotta a bill over 700.00 hundreds bucks and my insurance company would not cover it since it was not part of the hospital and they were not in the insurance company network so do your homework before calling

  9. Well we all just seen that his dog will bite strangers and that's his area where he stays, so where was the dog upon his robbery you would think he would not attempted to enter that area if heard that dog barking aggressively

  10. Wait.. So no legal actions was taken against the officer – who obviously contaminated the poor doggo with "severe bacterial pneumonia"? I mean, the dog was just fine up till he met the officer 🙄

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