25 thoughts on “New – Federal Security Gets Clowned Then Lashes Out – Las Vegas Federal Court House part 1

  1. man i dont know… you kinda search for it too much i mean do your thing, stay calm and polite and i could endorse a bit more what you are doing but in this situation i just cant support this channel. there is some channel out there that takes real police intervention and they audit what's going on and i'm all for that but kicking right into the beehive and then yelling that the bees are stinging… sounds a bit stupid to me.

  2. I love your videos, but im’a be honest, bit much bro, yeh he shouldn’t have touched you at ALL, but you two were escalating it way too much. Also your partner is toxic AF dude, he’s like an ANGRY, energizing bunny with RABIES on CRACK 😳 like wtf man CHIIIIILLLLLL πŸ˜…

  3. I couldnt get a job like this because Im not an embarrassment to my country and constitution. Well and Im also a white male and can read. That excludes me because I would have said hello sir, how can I help you today.

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