Never consent / talk to police! Consensual encounter turns detainment /search

Never talk to police, never give consent!

Watch two port orange officers begin a consensual encounter, ask a man what he’s drinking then the man states a beer, he’s then detained for the ordinance violation, submitted to a search. The officer declines to immediately search at that time then orders his bay open later.

Never talk to police

This is the port orange police department in central Florida.

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10 thoughts on “Never consent / talk to police! Consensual encounter turns detainment /search

  1. With the reuploaded video well highlight the officer getting consent then ordering the bag open. The officer catches himself forgetting about the consent to search and says if you don’t mind a few seconds after the order. Consent is not forever.

  2. Why does he have to take a beer out of his backpack open it and pour it out? What the fuck Is that all about? Beer isn’t illegal to have in your backpack if you’re old enough. I don’t know why on earth this cop thinks he can order him to do that.

  3. One has to wonder are many of these officers lying when they swear their oath to the constitution OR are they really that low on the IQ scale? Maybe it's both in some instances?

    When I got stopped by police this past Monday while on a bicycle leaving the city park, I got hassled for exercising the 1st and 4th. I got talked down to and told I didn't know what I was talking about. The police love trying to fight the 1st and 4th all the time. Its total contempt of cop from their perspective. Their claim is you have to see it from their perspective, yet they don't try to give a person the same consideration.

    In my specific contact this past Monday I had ZERO information on why they initiated contact with me. When I asked up front in the first 30 seconds of contact who the complainant was the Corporal began acting stupid, got pissy, and walked back to make contact with the Karen's who called

    Reason for the call according to the Corporal? A "suspicious person". How cliché. Work on some new terminology, you lazy welfare recipients.

    Getting the 911 call is going to be interesting to hear what these troglodytes were saying. All I did was take 1 picture and a 30 second video of the city swimming pool area (specifically a huge water bucket dump station area) in the city park. I was outside the fence line along the main paved path on the side standing in the grass.

    Apparently the complainant made the Evil Knievel like leap in their mind that I was a child predator because of this. It was insinuated by the police chief that I was praying on children too. He acted like a morally superior asshole. He had a horrible tone of voice and offered a horrendous example of why somebody would call because of what I did (taking pictures). He said something along the lines of a father would be upset if you were taking pictures of his child and may want to get physical with you. I told the Chief well, then that would be assault, which is actually a real crime. What a moron.

    These utter fools better watch what they do moving forward, because I'm done with them trying to pull this bullshit.

    I had a somewhat similar occurrence happen to me last fall of 2020 in the same city park, except that time the person complaining didn't call. These damn Karen's are everywhere!!

    I was at an event in that same park just observing taking pictures and video and 2 younger females with a couple elementary aged kids got in between what I was focused on recording (a specific police officer). They complained to that same officer whom was already there with several other officers assigned to work that event.

    I have a short video of that officer trying to send a different officer, in a sneaky ass way over, to make contact with me. I stifled that attempt quickly with a redirection technique, and he aborted contact. It was hilarious.

    A period of time passed and people started milling around. Then that orginal officer I was recording tried making a consensual contact. He stated that me recording made those young woman feel uncomfortable, blah, blah, their kids. I laid it down firm about no reasonable expectation of privacy in public and told him I'm not interested in talking to him. I just walked away from him at that point.

    That same officer then happened to be standing on guard in a spot I wanted to move to and get more pictures and video. He kept glaring at me, making facial expressions of disgust, because I didn't placate to his attempts to stifle the exercising of the 1st. He silently pouted to himself about my legal and lawful actions like the soft little pansy he is.

    Others just don't know when to leave a person alone who isn't bothering anybody. As I said, they better be mindful of how they proceed with any contacts they may attempt with me in the future. I'm fully on guard now and making preparations to make sure I record everytime I'm out in public, for my safety.

    This police department doesn't have body cams yet, and I may have to express my feelings about that to the fat cat mayor and the crony city council members at the next city council meeting.

    If you made it to the end thanks for reading all of that about my personal experience/s while having contact with the local police in the community I live.

    Peace out.

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