Neo-fascists have taken over Shasta County—is your hometown next? | The Marc Steiner Report

Shasta County, California has become a laboratory for far-right activists in search of power. The county has long been a Republic outpost in a blue state, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, local politics have taken a hard right turn. A recall election in 2022 swept a moderate Republican majority from the County Board of Supervisors in favor of a new class of extremists. Buoyed by popular discontent with mask mandates and school closures, Shasta’s newly elected rulers have turned their sights on eliminating voting machines, purging “Critical Race Theory” and LGBTQ-friendly content from schools, and trying to force all local officials to take an oath on the Second Amendment. Those who stand in their way, like former County Public Health Officer Karen Ramstrom, or local journalist Doni Chamberlain, have found themselves the targets of political retaliation and even public death threats. The Marc Steiner Show digs into the disturbing developments in Shasta County and what they might presage for the country’s future, turning to journalists Sasha Abramsky and Doni Chamberlain for their expertise.

Sasha Abramsky is a regular contributor to The Nation and the author of several books. He recently wrote an article for The Nation on the far-right takeover in Shasta.

Doni Chamberlain is an award-winning independent journalist and co-founder of A News Cafe. She lives in Redding, California.

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31 thoughts on “Neo-fascists have taken over Shasta County—is your hometown next? | The Marc Steiner Report

  1. The trailer-billy capital of California. Fortunately, half of these truck-nuts are scarpering off to Idaho and Montana. I hope they enjoy the minimum wage at $7.25 so they don't have to pay .50 cents more for their Big Mac.

  2. About 5:00 the speaker sneers at the people of Shasta protesting mask mandates and school shutdowns and implies this is "uber right wing" thinking. It is common sense thinking. No wonder they recalled the supervisors they did nothing to fight the governor against these insensible dictates.

  3. Right Wing!??? I lived most of my life here! It's not what you call Right Wing, you have crooked Cops that get away with Murder and they have many times!! to the Constitution you are suppose to swear an Oath to be allowed in Law enforcement!! actually you are not suppose to hold any Government Position without Swearing an Oath to protect and uphold the Constitution and the Peoples Rights!!! which your Calling Neo-Nazi!!??? your talking was all the shooting's of innocent people here has taken place during the Democrats Rain I have been a Witness to them getting away with murder here I have also watched them bust in my Neighbors door as soon as it was open and opening fire in their house Shooting their family Dog a home with Kids, if that was not bad enough it was an upstairs apartment's with another 2 story apartment behind that!! the 2nd Amendment is not there just to protect our selves from so called Criminals, It's mainly there to resist and be able to fight back, a Corrupt Tyrannical Government!!! The Nazi's did the same thing they stole took away by Law the Right to own Fire Arms!! so who is the Neo-Nazi's??? Ohw and Newsome Did cheat for example a Governor recalled don't end up on the Ballet to replace him!!! also Biden and Harris coming over to campaign and throw Tax money around to save his Position, how is that a fair election if it can be Bought.. also watched that my ballot was no longer tracible, the slip was not there any more and instead all my information is now on the outside of the envelope an Identities Thief's Dream!!! those Machines are also owned by an Italian company why are we trusting our Election process to a Foreign Entity that has tried many times to take over the World before??? securing our Votes being demonized, is proof to any one with a Brain of election Fraud!!

  4. I have been to Shasta country and yes run down with much lack of hope. If you talk to the people they are happy the direction they are going in. Paper is the way to go in elections with a fingerprint. Just too many questionable things happening in California. This place may show the state might always have been in question with elections.

  5. 37:26 – – The ignorance is astounding!

    Indeed! Isn't that a costume as well? Isn't this put on? Don't at least some of these folks actually know better?

    Isn't this ignorance a signal of group membership? Group loyalty? Or a mark of fear? Marking fear of ostracization or of the death threats that come from not toting the party line?

    Edit: Toeing the party line.

  6. This system of things is nothing new under the sun says Yashuah Messiah our head priest and King. They are savage heathens described in the Old Webster dictionary Roman Empire State Pediogog without God. The Babylonian Egyptian Greek Roman Empire State Pediogog without God. Welcome Europe and Australia and Canada and Britain and the USA. The Anti women and children and especially elderly woman Anti humans anti animals Anti plants Anti fishes and whales and dolphins Anti planet Anti truth tellers and anti freedom anti God and his son Yashuah Messiah our head priest and King. It's every where.

  7. Do you acknowledge what the Biden Administration is doing with the attacks against conservatives? Do you acknowledge what the FBI has done with their plants trying to cause violence? These men are liberals who don’t acknowledge the rights of people. Name one thing Donald Trump force in were the people while he was in office. I am listening.

  8. You are for all the left wing crap that most people are not for. LBGTQ, critical race theory in our schools. We don’t want our children’s mind polluted. Respect the rights of parents no matter they religion or beliefs. Teach children reading writing, math, etc and leave the rest to the parents.

  9. The problem is people like me, not democrat or republican, are seeing through the governments bs. We want change and we will get change because we are the silent majority.

  10. I remember Dominion machines being demonstrated to be easily "flipped" in-a-minnit on T.V. by CYNTHIA Mc KINNEY after the BUSH adm. had them and their uncheckaable "proprietary" softwear shoved down our collective throats despite full-throated protests from THE LEFT ! The Covid vaccine was similarly disavowed as "rushed", "untested", "reckless" etc. by ALL the leading Democrats when it was Trump's baby when he was bragging about "cutting all tha red tape" with his "Operation Warp Speed" and all-of-a-sudden enbraced in an "on-a-dime" about-face when Biden came in and proceeded to CONTINUE TRUMP'S POLICIES ! "Left", "Right", who's what and "will the REAL Fascists please stand up" is truly up-in-the-air like never before! Since "domestic propaganda" was legalized under the "Military Commissions Act" of 2011 (passed under "peace candidate" Obama who started at least FIVE new wars as well as continuing the ones he got in running against !) SOMEBODIES slash-and-burn agenda surely IS being served here but the pompous drivel being espoused by these commentaters as if their SIDE (the "Russia-gating", "Fauci-worshipping", Ukraine-war cheer-leading,censorship-celebrating, FACT DENYING one) is any less ridiculously deluded than the reactionary gun-totin', bible-thumpin' equally TRUTH ALLERGIC one she rails against here just follows the master-plan of promoting the ridiculously paranoid exemplars of "team-sports" extremists balkanizing the body-politic while their string-pullers have a good laugh from their "hidden-in-plain-sight" positions of power !

  11. Simple.. the “DEMOCRATIC ” party turned their backs on the workers and labor unions. While listening to this story you call these people all kinds of names. All the while giving the political nuts more fuel to their sensationalism. Want to blame someone? Look in the mirror…

  12. The only people planning and going ahead with a plan to kidnap the Michigan Governor were members or informants of the FBI.
    More than 50% of the conspirators were FEDS… given the ratio, the Whitmer plot was a FEDERAL AGENCY OPERATION!

  13. It's funny that no one wants to take any responsibility for the actions that started and continues to deny, blame,lie and have a major memory loss. Wow they sound scared. I remember the long summer of (PEACEFUL) protests! Unbelievable….. the bubbles that people live in 🤦😱

  14. I pledge allegiance to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America and to the republic AS LONG AS it stands for one nation under THE LAW in PURSUIT of liberty and justice for all. SAY IT it's all about CULTURE.

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