‘Neither Washington nor Beijing!’: The Western left grapples with “new Cold War” between US-China

The Trump administration’s frequent antagonism toward China ushered in what many analysts have called a “new Cold War” between the two world powers. Rather than reverse course, President Biden has committed to thrusting the US further into a world-historical contest with China, declaring in his first speech to Congress in April, “We’re in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century.”

While it is clear that the relationship between the US and China will come to define the geopolitical terrain for decades to come, many among the Western left are unsure about what their own positions and responsibilities should be. As the slogan “Neither Washington nor Beijing!” continues to gain traction, it is important for leftists to critically assess what they know and don’t know about China. TRNN contributor Radhika Desai speaks with John Ross, senior fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, whose most recent book, China’s Great Road, is published with 1804 Books.

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20 thoughts on “‘Neither Washington nor Beijing!’: The Western left grapples with “new Cold War” between US-China

  1. The is no real LEFT in the West. They are covertly and overtly Neo-liberal in thought and action thats why they can't identify the Chinese left (CCP)

  2. "This is the largest improvement in the greatest proportion of humanity that has ever taken place in the whole of human history."
    This is a description of a murderous communist regime with the blood of 100 million people on it's hands? How stupid do you think your viewers are? LOL

  3. Great, a paid CCP propagandist–the "great progress started in 1949," what a joke. China is a techno-totalitarian empire hellbent on purging all dissent from Xi Jinping Thought. They are developing all-controlling AIs and bioweapons that genetically target populations (just read their own military press). Our universities are full of their spies, where neoliberal academics and administrators gladly take their cash. China just committed global genocide by unleashing the coronavirus on the world––Xi left the airports open long after he knew. Any hope that China would go in a positive direction, as it appeared to be with Jiang Zemin, died in 2011 when that thug came to power. Everyone needs to educate themselves about China, its politics and its history. We must avoid war, but we also must stop empowering Chinese ascendancy in the world.

  4. Excellent alternative analysis! The US gave away the vast majority of manufacturing to China. Tax credits were given to move manufacturing off shore. Now the US is saying “China stole our manufacturing!” Typical US hypocrisy.

  5. It was Peter Schiff who said China does capitalism better than the US. He did say neither country does capitalism all that well, only China does it better.

  6. She didn't ask about Hong Kong. The idea that China is simply a good player is nonsense. An expanding economy providing more plastic, more cars, huge houses, and more energy use, isn't a real future. He's using Western measurements, measurements which got us to this very edgy, do or die crisis point in world evolution.
    Neither Bejing nor Washington is the future. Human democracy is the next step to planetary survival.

  7. One of the best ways to prove your excellence is to allow independent analysis of claimed accomplishments. I would be interested to have links to independent statistics about China, to measure these claims by. Governments with authentic accomplishments allow such independent inquiries, because the truth will vindicate them.

  8. I have been following China for years, when I blogged a series about them, I called them "The Sleeping Giant" … being that they have become a world giant, that capitalism loves and hates. Capitalists would love to have the Chinese gvmnt where they have the U.S. gvmnt … on their knees. No doubt, the 800 million that they brought out of extreme poverty, and what they have done just over the last half century is unprecedented in world history. My nephew spent 2 years in Beijing and actually liked it. They are also ahead of us on infrastructure, for high speed rail for example, they have it, because government owns land, here you have so many private owners and obstacles you have to go through. With their new "Belt and Road Initiative", they are able to actually take over neighbouring countries that are financially hurting, contractually, by coming in and building infrastructure for them … meaning, they have the ability to go in and pretty much take over countries without military or dropping bombs. They believe that their Yuan (dollar) should have more power/recognition in the global markets, not the U.S. and their petro dollar … they believe they should rule globally in this area, too. When foreign business is done in China, the gvmnt of China has a heavy hand in making the rules, if you want to do business there, and has at least 3/4 ownership. U.S. is opposite, which bows to corporations and lets them do as they please. I could go on and on … but yes, I can't help to have a certain admiration towards China, on what they've accomplished. On the other hand … they still do have an authoritarian type strongarm gvmnt, even muscling their way into Hong Kong, which they promised not to do, and they are muscling their way in other countries. And they are communist (even though they are so pro-business), but in the U.S. we also have a type of authoritarian rule with the corporations and banks, and corporations censoring our media, and stepping on our Constitution … maybe not as bad as China, but still a form of communism today in the U.S. that I call "corporate communism". But no, I would not trust this current leadership of China, any more than I would trust the corporate leadership of America. The battle between the east and west that we see, is strictly for capital gain of the few, not to free any people on either side.

  9. Hello.
    The urban middle class and upper China do they pay back to the state through taxes? Are they related to communist party structures? How many relevant mixed and private economy companies are there? How is the countryside technified? Do rural people have a basic salary? Does the state provision of goods / services allow them to live without wages or with very low wages? Does "Chinese socialism" base their success? in the organic cohesion coming from customs – beliefs – affinity to the land present in its population (?) and how long will its transition to "communism" last? I really know little about China.
    “Part of the western left affirms that neither Beijing nor Washington”; I do not understand why I should choose between two options and concerns about the "military adventures" of Nato, the US in the vicinity or within the limits of China, Russia deserves attention by many "western lefties" not implying sympathy with systems and their variations to "both sides ”or pro-market bellicosities.

  10. I just wish China would keep out of the Caribbean Islands and various African counties. They are there only to Exploit and Re-Colonize these regions. African peoples must prevail on their governments to stop selling out their economic interests to this country that means them long term Harm. I see big trouble coming !

  11. Funny to see all the comments from all those who call themselves leftists but have forgotten the more important internationalist and anti-imperialist of what constitutes a Left in the International realm (and not the narrow idiotic US system where a democrat is considered left).

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