Nebraska teen imprisoned for abortion is just a taste of post-Roe America | Rattling the Bars

The shocking arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of Nebraska teen Celeste Burgess and her mother, Jessica Burgess, has now become one of the best-known cases of abortion criminalization in post-Roe America. But the Burgess case is just the tip of the iceberg. Since the 2022 Supreme Court Dobbs decision, abortion bans only make it easier to criminalize all pregnancy outcomes. Emma Roth of Pregnancy Justice joins Rattling the Bars to discuss the Burgess case and the broader movement to criminalize abortion care.

Emma Roth is a staff attorney with Pregnancy Justice, a nonprofit advocacy group that defends the civil rights of women and pregnant people.

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44 thoughts on “Nebraska teen imprisoned for abortion is just a taste of post-Roe America | Rattling the Bars

  1. This isn't really about abortion, it's about tribal patriarchal dominance. You see these anti abortion activist believe men have dominion over women and women should not be having premarital sex at all. THey feel that forcing them to have a child they do not want is a form of punishment for having sex out of wedlock. That's why they oppose birth control pills as well.

  2. They want to ban. Yet, don't know the emotional toll and financial burden of the next 18 years. I never see protest signs that say I will raise your child with love and proper care.

  3. Sir, understand they're are a man/woman and their are a citizen of the government. A man has his body, family, and his property. NO AGE does not mind when the man has his family/property. Government will not enter a court and claim it has Government as a person. Yes! it will. But it does not have authority over another man. Yes only upon the person. Why the government may file into any court upon it claim by another MAN/WOMAN that government has clause a damage or wrong upon some government. In any court (a man's court) are claims upon another man. Not upon some government/citizen/person or some corporation. Yes a government is a corporation. Has not right upon another Man/woman. Government may have some person/man acting as a right against the person/acting upon with the government "claiming" upon either. Please under what any constitution stays the right of the man against the right of the people/person/any actor indifferect upon a "man".

  4. 1:08 The pronouns people should use for you are a direct consequence of you being female, so why do you say that?
    Also, I doubt I will ever understand why the powers that be feel it necessary to craft legislation around abortion. To my mind, it should be left up to the woman and doctor.

  5. It is important to hear from black men in their own voice. This is a culture that has so much to say about black men. However those voices are often from people who speak in opposition against black men. This is also true with trans issues and gay issues. You hear alot about it, but from the enemies of the communities. Not the members of the communities themselves.

  6. got your facts wrong.

    Miss Burgess was not jailed for the 24th week abortion. She was jailed for what she did with the baby's remains.

    BTW, my state, Texas, after the ban was passed, had an additional 10,000 babies born in 2022 that the statisticians were not expecting.

    Are we supposed to think that's a tragedy?

  7. I can somewhat understand the government refusing to pay for an abortion (even though the Pentagon/war/death & killing machine receives $800 TRILLION DOLLARS+).

    BUT to not have the choice and pay for it yourself – and because of ridiculous religious beliefs women become subjected to imprisonment, yet men have no responsibility of setting it all in motion.

  8. Why keep saying pregnant PERSON? Last I heard, only women can get pregnant.

    I’m not sure … am I missing something?

    Is this about chosen pronouns?

  9. If the government or the state mandate by law that a woman or female child must carry a pregnancy to term, then the woman and child must be financially supported by the legal authority that has imposed this obligation! The woman and child must receive the same benefits that the lawmakers receive from the state and or government agencies for their financial support and benefits! They must receive lifetime health insurance, salary that is the highest possible income for a lawmaker who has the power to impose legal restrictions on the public! They must also provide the child with academic support for as long as the child requires to obtain their personal goals and aspirations for their future in the nation! Hit them in their check book because it’s the only thing they understand and don’t want to share with us!

  10. You wait 29 weeks to have an abortion ??? 36 is avg length before birth!!! You only get 90 days in jail? If you murder Babies born at age you should do life. Think before you speak!!!

  11. Many people don't know the financial gains of these laws, who is looking to finacially benefit. Look how many politicans and these organization are in the very lucrative and secretive adoption industry. It is estimated to be worth $24.7 BILLION this year alone. A healthy baby or desired characteristics sells for $50000+. There is a private 'adoption' agency in Texas that boasts $10 million in profits. This isn't benevolent. It is human trafficking for massive profits hidden behind privacy. Look at the agencies that gaslight girls and women for their babies to sell. They tell them they are bad, made a mistake but they can make it up by having the baby and giving it up for adoption. These disingunuous agencies with charity write-offs pay as little as they can for housing, food, medical apointments, no financial benefit for the pregnant girls and women. If that girl or woman decides they want to keep their baby, the agency will gaslight and harass her to give it up. As soon as the baby is born and given up. The birth mother is tossed aside. All that profit goes to the agency and its investors. And those vile baby boxes in fire stations, they make up that product and installation money with one baby. And bonus, they don't have to pay for anything for the birth mother. It is all about profits, it is human trafficking.

  12. These politicians who write and support these laws hide behind political immunity from legal and civil prosecution. This governmental immunity from personal prosecution must severely restricted when in comes to body autonomy laws they endorse. Would they write these laws if they could be personally sued in civil court if the girl or women is finacially harmed, injured or dies because of an unviable pregnacy or health complications? Why should the doctor, medical professional and medical facility be forced to take on the civil suits? If you look at all the religious organizations who influence and support these politicians, they actually don't have official written dogma stating they want to ban all abortions because it would open them up to lawsuits from those who were harmed by these dogma laws. Same with these anti-choice organizations.
    If these politicians, their donors and organizations behind them are so sure that their laws will not personally or finacially harm, injure or cause death, they should be proud to forgo their political immunity from lawsuits on their anti-choice laws. Put their personal wealth and reputation on the line for their beliefs.

  13. Question – where is the male who got her pregnant? I've got questions for him, and for any male who is having sex with females within their reproduction years. (Please understand this is about asking the males who get these girls and women pregnant about their responsibilty in the matter. I do think the majority of males are good responsible caring people). So on this topic:
    Did he discuss with her prior to sex what happens if she become pregnant? Did he ask if she was in the fertilization periord of her menstration cycle? Did he pressure her into sex without discussing with her his plan to eject his sperm into her? What was he wearing? Was he wearing cologne? Did he take his shirt off or wear provocative clothing or drive a vehicle to impress her? Did he ply her with drugs or alcohol or go to a establishment of home with intent to ply her with either? Did he discuss with her the consequeses of ejecting his sperm into her? Did he take precautions so his sperm did not eject into her? Did he ask if she was on contraceptions? He needs to answer for his part in this

  14. Clear case of prosecutorial abuse.

    The teen was not aware that it is lawful to take abortion pills without a doctor's prescription at any time of pregnancy in Nebraska.

    The teen should have just dropped off the dead fetus right after the induced miscarriage/abortion at the police station

    Then she wouldn't have been convicted and sentenced to 90 days for messing with the dead fetus.

    No crime if the female aborts at any time of pregnancy,
    BUT a crime for messing with a dead fetus.

  15. Abortion is MURDER. It’s more than wrong. She should be in jail . There are tons of ways to prevent pregnancy. How stupid are these ppl who still get pregnant. They deserve punishment for murder!!

  16. This is a clear case of prosecutorial abuse,

    Since there is no Nebraska law which criminalizes the female who takes abortion pills without a doctor's prescription at any stage of pregnancy.

    The teen is being sentenced for messing with the dead fetus after the abortion not with the abortion itself.

  17. "29 weeks" is 7 months pregnant, meaning that the baby is fully formed and can survive healthily outside of the womb. The fact that any of you are justifying this cruel act, just shows how far fallen this world has become.

  18. Liar liar pants on fire . There was no charges related to pregnancy or abortion . Her charges were related to improper handling of human remains . That makes this video propaganda .

  19. The US has become an ultra right-wing theocracy. You would have thought prohibition would have kept the extremists as far away from power as possible. History isn't repeating itself but it's definitely rhyming again.

  20. Abortion is understandable if the mothers life is at risk. However, thats where it ends for me.

    Playing mental gymnastics with what is life at what stage of the pregnancy – is abhorrent.

    Life should be protected at all costs. Call it what you want, but at the end of the day …abortion is murder.

    For those of who absolve themselves of this fact, you truly are a monster.

  21. We'd pitch a fit if corporations killed workers they didn't want, or if landlords evicted tenants by killing them. Yet we accept sacrificing our own flesh and blood on the altar of convenience. Those unborn people are the next generation of union workers. And more black people die in abortion clinics than in prisons and street violence combined.

  22. 29 weeks? Nah. She needs to be locked up. These are the same people who think the 1st or 2nd amendment requires regulation but they should just be able to yeet a baby out with no regulation

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