NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII

NATO will hold war games in Norway’s Arctic Circle in March, where it will be supporting climate change-induced resource extraction and increasing the military tension with Russia.

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Author: phillyfinest369


31 thoughts on “NATO’s Arctic War Exercise Unites Climate Change and WWIII

  1. Sociopathic a$$hole is all I see and hear when M. Pompe0 is talking oil, gas, gold, diamonds, rare earths and other valuable resources by digging drilling and mining non renewable raw materials in one of earth’s most delicate regions the arctic circle should absolutely stay off limits it really seems as nobody could care less about our environment like the big corporations said it’s too late anyway let’s drill the last bit out of the earth’s crust and let’s just give a $#iT.

  2. The border where Ukraine meets Russia is a mere 260 miles from Moscow, not far from announced NATO exercises there in the past. This dangerous pattern began with the betrayal of agreements that saw Serbia join the alliance , even as NATO remains unpopular in Serbia after U.S. led bombing in the 1999 Kosovo War. The manner of Pompeo's brash, flippant ideals as he enters territory already viewed as intrusive by Russia, only puts Americans at greater risk. We already earned enough enemies with the torture of Muslims at home.

  3. Can you imagine how Russia feels about being surrounded by hostile forces from the Arctic to Afghanistan? Christ the Empire is pushing the limits for Russia. Chairman of general staff concludes that the West is preparing for war.

  4. Been wary since new radar stations and such where put up by the US with strict dismissal of press access. Wasn't that long ago, but easy to overlook after the rapid changes, not to mention how poorly the MSM covers it all as it progresses.
    Our current prime Minister has always been a neoliberal, but it terms of getting us involved in other countries (via a 'defensive' alliance), she's as good as her 'left' counterpart, who currently heads NATO

  5. Klare makes the US wars and military build up sound legitimate when it IS NOT. Russia is within it's own territory and Klare is being an apologist. Should have left him out of the interview. Russia is ALLOWED to build up its military against American and NATO aggression for imperialism.

  6. Pompeo, at 0:49, says " The Arctic is at the forefront of opportunity and abundance. It houses 13% of the world's undiscovered oil, 30% of its undiscovered gas, and an abundance of uranium, rare minerals, gold, diamonds … ". How can they know how much oil and gas are there when, like Pompeo says, these are undiscovered . They'd need to be discovered before any real scientific, expert assessment could be made. And how does he know, like for a fact, given that it's how he speaks of this, that there definitely is an " abundance of uranium, rare minerals, gold, diamonds "? He definitely isn't qualified to state such scientific statements. If there're scientific experts who can veritably say what they've found of these resources in the Arctic, and state the amounts they're scientifically certain to be there, then have them speak about this, and also have them write about this so that we'll have lasting reference to this material. In that case, the best Pompeo could honestly say is that experts claim or believe …; but, instead, Pompeo speaks as if he's such an expert, which he most definitely is NOT. JERK, conman/trickster (a wannabe anyway), charlatan!

  7. "Undiscovered oil" ?
    Sounds wrong,if it's "undiscovered" there's no way you could know it's 13% of all undiscovered oil.

    If it's undiscovered,how do you know it's there ?

  8. And so humanity spirals down the abyss of corporation's toxic addiction to profits. The delusion and insanity is palpable. The resulting fatal outcome is obvious to everyone, except the profit addicts who will carelessly bring the entire world down with them.

  9. This not the real news..
    This news is fake as well..
    You're telling only about 5% truth but you're still being deceitful to us..
    They are not in Antarctica for natural resources only..
    They are in Antarctica for the hidden lands beyond the poles..
    The different life forms such as animals..
    And demons..

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