Anti-Defamation League Report on White Supremacy Ignores Trump’s Role in Racism

The new ADL report highlights a 120% increase in white supremacist incidents in 2019 over the last year, but ignores the roots of this rise and doesn’t tackle racism.

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35 thoughts on “Anti-Defamation League Report on White Supremacy Ignores Trump’s Role in Racism

  1. If only the ADL would speak up to defend the rights eight million Palestinians who are forced to live under the Nazi-Like system of forced internal expulsion in Israel.

  2. I am the women born with a veil written in the Old Testament Revelation Chapters with 12 stars upon my head. Our Heavenly Father told us that 1/3 that fell from Heavenly Places including the ones stripped ugly from Glory and alienated in space. Christ taught his Disciples how to pray in secret because of the Fallen angels who try to incept prayers and Christ told them in the closet with the doors closed and ask of Our Heavenly Father in secret.

  3. Our Heavenly Father alienated some of the rebellious angels in space and it wasn't Adam and Eve who bit that ugly👾🍎, but things did get ugly before Satan was casted out of Heavenly Places

  4. The illuminatee think they gonna corrupt and hide in their bunkers, there is no hiding place, Our Heavenly Father will destroy this Earth like the dinosaurs , bunkers that. How many miles you think asteroids came down to touch ? Martial paws Christ told them Vengeance is his with sword in hand. I don't need no man made army, many have seen the Heavens take shape about this blood of copperskin.

  5. Why are "M worr" 's comments struck through? Any comments supporting Africans anywhere and African Americans are HEAVILY CENSORED BY YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE.
    I have observed this and ANY CRITICISM OF "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" (which are white supremacist in core, nature and function) are EITHER NOT PUBLISHED OR REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.

  6. The Genesis of racism and supremacy in Western Culture:

    *Deuteronomy 7-6*
    "For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the Earth to be his people, his treasured possession." Also known as the "chosen people" quote.

  7. Y'all so late they have one agenda. Marching with King was not for black people King faught for everyone but the adhell was only present to see their interests be met. They turned in info about King also. They were never a friend to black people.

  8. ADL has no credibility. They label anyone right of Jane Fonda "white supremacists". Now they are going after lefties with "anti-Semitism". No one, regardless of political affiliation, should support the ADL or take them seriously. They said frogs are Nazis for Christ's sake.

  9. ADL is a gatekeeping tool of Zionist powers, monitoring and manipulating the discourse. Also funny to see all foot soldiers with peculiar names popping up in its defense. As expected.

  10. I only listened to the first 4 seconds of the video, and already I had to stop because the hypocrisy was at a level that would cause massive brain explosions among any sane human being capable of critical thinking. ( yes, i know most of the sheeple are not capable of having even a notion of a hint of a critical thought, but i want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when possible) Having the ADL call out any individual, group, collection or casually related individuals as disseminating propaganda is but to laugh, a gut wrenching laugh, at turbojet volume, from now until the end of time. Those ADLers have pushed it far beyond the level at which anyone can take them for anything other than what they are … and we all know what they are !

  11. What a bunch of idiots . Racism isnt illegal. And attacking them and showing your HATE. Is bigotry . Just as bad in my book stop trying to change people's point of view worry about something important for a change

  12. funny she talks about fascists being bad, when our federal government has fasces on both sides of the flag hanging in the house of representatives in dc. the federal fascist government.

  13. “ White supremacy incidence and propaganda” but he completely ignores black supremacy organizations like blackliesmatter, aclu, naacp, blackpantherparty, the black caucus committee…. so I guess for journalism isn’t happening on this channel

  14. The "white supremacist" fear mongering allows more WS to operate in the open and post/publish their ideas and arguments so the Streisand Effect allows people to read these ideas. This helps to combat wrong think.

    "Antisemitism" is a misnomer. A Semite is a descendant of Noah's son Sem, who settled in the east and is the ethnic patriarch of Asiatic-looking people.

  15. Zionism IS white supremacy. The ADL will never confront state sponsored white supremacy. They are part of the white supremacy apparatus. The Zionist ethos has also infiltrated the Southern Poverty Law Center. These organizations only serve Zionist interests.

  16. Arabian, Palestinian,Israeli etc are Ethnicities,not Races..
    What about Trump calling America a " shithole country"?…
    He told the four female Senators to go back to the shit hoke countries that they came from.. and all of them are Americans
    He did this because they began to speak the truth about the injustices that are going on in the world ,that are being perpitrated by the Israeli & other governments.

  17. Demonizing whites with lies is hate speech. When the standard for what is white supremecy is – not self flaggalating themselves for being white and resisting reverse racism (OK to be white) – you can see that there is racial villification of whites by the ADL.

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