‘My cellmate wouldn’t stop coming on to me, so I tied him up and took his ass”

Dino. J. Bennetti is in for life on a small handful of charges, including murder.

Watch his Sandison-esque flat demeanor as Bennetti describes his deed from just earlier in the day… only Bennetti didn’t off his cellmate. He had other plans.

A review of Bennetti’s DOC records reveals a book-length disciplinary history, along with what appears to have been an escape in 2006. Since this interview took place (about a decade ago; you wouldn’t be hearing it if it was recent) Bennetti has since gone before the parole board one time. You can probably guess their decision.

I don’t have much more that I can add in the way of background information, though I should point out the obvious trigger warning.

Note: the original video description misspelled Bennetti’s surname. It has since been corrected.


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Author: rafael.nieves


40 thoughts on “‘My cellmate wouldn’t stop coming on to me, so I tied him up and took his ass”

  1. Why would he not want his cellmate to blow him and get upset that he keeps offering and then gets so mad he “takes his ass”? He didn’t want a gay act performed on him but took care of business on his cellmate. I’m confused..

  2. If the guy was hitting on him why would he need to gag and rape him? Wouldn't the guy be over the moon for getting his assed stuffed for thanks giving?
    "But sir?? I thought i was stuffing a turkey".

  3. No way the guy was hitting on this monster! Maybe that’s what he was hearing in his own head but no way did he.

  4. He's On the right place. Prison is full of nice guys like this. Do you actually believe his story?; Hahahah as if the man wanted to be raped

  5. In more recent news Bennetti here has opened several cases against corrections officers for his treatment, apparently he’s been getting his ass took the last decade and he only likes it when he’s boss.

    In Ground One, Petitioner alleges that he has been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment. He claims he was raped multiple times in January and February 2019; has been assaulted on numerous occasions since June 2017; and has lost some of his property. Petitioner contends that after the assaults and rapes, he was "bounced around" various prison units and ended up in the Refuse to House section of ASPC-Lewis's Rast Max Unit. Petitioner claims that when he arrived at the Rast Max Unit in June 2019, he discovered that his "custody level and score [were] 'maxed out'" based on four non-dangerous disciplinary "tickets." He contends that pursuant to the prison's disciplinary and reclassification policies, his score was incorrectly calculated. Petitioner alleges there was a "failure to protect"; he is in indefinite solitary confinement "for no other reason but to discriminate"; he is suffering physically and mentally; and he has lost most of his property, his "rightfully earned medium custody status," and the ability to purchase regular commissary items, use the phone, or attend recreation "without being in a cage."

  6. wait…why is this the first time EVER that an interviewer has had to Mirandize someone before an interview – why?! i’ve seen hundreds of interviews like this…not once required rights, unless it was always done prior – off camera.

    btw – this is gay. totally gay. even in prison. sogay dude.

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