Mutulu Shakur denied compassionate release despite terminal cancer diagnosis

After 36 years behind bars as a political prisoner, Mutulu Shakur is on his deathbed. The movement elder, healer, and radical Black freedom fighter was diagnosed with stage 3 bone marrow cancer in June of this year. Despite qualifying for compassionate release and having been eligible for parole since 2016, prison and federal authorities have refused to grant Shakur his freedom. With time running out, activists gathered at the Department of Justice on the weekend of July 23 to demand Shakur’s release. Rattling the Bars co-host Mansa Musa reports from the rally to free Mutulu Shakur.

Born in Baltimore and raised in Queens, Mutulu Shakur first became politically active in the 1960s as a member of the Revolutionary Action Movement and Republic of New Afrika. In 1970, Shakur helped found the People’s Drug Program at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx alongside the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords. As the husband of Afemi Shakur, Mutulu Shakur was the stepfather of Tupac Shakur. He was convicted in 1988 for his role in the prison escape of Assata Shakur, as well as for the 1981 robbery of a Brink’s armored car in Nanuet, New York, which resulted in the deaths of two police officers and a security guard.

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38 thoughts on “Mutulu Shakur denied compassionate release despite terminal cancer diagnosis

  1. You white judges sentence this man because he is black for so long why so long God is going to destroy you judges jury's your time is going to be bitter some of unna can't even sleep at night ofter hanging down your last word to a black person and know you lie to yourself unna hate black people the truth leaders

  2. It is life this life is not ours but for the white they are the weak one the wrong one they are not fit they rob us slave us kill us the white is one big peace of nothing we or the truth people we are great and they know it we will always above them white let me speak to you from a distance . Listen step aside and see what happens in less than 24 hours

  3. 🤬🎥🎥🎥 Being Stalked Because of my relations to Mutual Shakur, Threatened to have me Chopped up by Chaka And May may, They working For Trump and Tommyhillfiger, Can't go to work or see Children, Done Watched them Sacrifice 87 of my people

  4. Just because somebody is eligible for parole doesn’t mean they get it. Charles Manson was eligible for parole numerous times and was denied and even denied it himself. The man was connected to a 1981 armored car robbery of $1.6 million and people were killed. Might be a good man now but in 1981 he was involved in some things that he probably should not have been involved in. Again remember for the rest of your life and tell younger ones just because somebody is eligible for parole doesn’t mean they get it.

  5. This is what it looks like
    When the government imprison you for the wisdom and knowledge you hold within your soul. Dr Mutulu Shakur was a threat to a corupt and flawed "system/government." If it is that he should pass I pray that he comes back to earth more powerful and strategic than before. Long live the KING!! Dr. MUTULU SHAKUR


  6. Nobody talking about what he did to get himself there. When u kill cops u usually get death. He’s lucky he got life. The victims he killed didn’t get to “die peacefully with family and friends” and that’s why he will die inside.

  7. Why has this not been brought up to the current Whitehouse administration? This is an easy story to get in TV. If noise had been made, Shakur would have been spending his final days outside of prison. These are the issues that impact the people will remember come election time.

  8. This is cruelty. The government are the devils and all of the corrupt shit they have done. All of the government officials should be in prison. I pray that Doctor Mutula Shakur get released now. I stand with you.

  9. Unfortunately Marching & talking about American government evils will not really help that much black people need to take actions and stop marching so hard yall been marching forever, time for that is over get organized and strategise on your actions freedom is taken and not gvn and stop being afraid of dying for what you believing

  10. They’ll never set him free due to him killing guards and cops. Amongst everything else he’s done like helping in the escape of his wife or wtv. He’s never going home

  11. I don’t give a fk about Mutulu Shakur. A guard and two policemen were brutally murdered while he was doing a robbery. He was the ringleader. Your thoughts should be for the real victims and the kind of pain and death they had to suffer and the partners, families and friends that had to bare that loss during these years. He deserves everything thats coming to him – and more. If I was in charge I wouldn’t give him treatment or pain relief and I’d post pictures of the victims, their graves and their families in mourning all around his cell so the crime is always in his head.

  12. In the times we are in. I hope the people in power start changing there actions from wrong to right. Even when someone as done everything that is wanted of someone in this prison system. He is still denied what one has earned, but yet deserve. Another fine example of how a system has been made to punish and victimize people and everyone has been lied.

  13. It's BECAUSE he helped Assata Shakur, and BECAUSE he's the godfather of Tupac Shakur, and BECAUSE he's a positive influence on young black men that they will NEVER let him out. They don't want anyone helping young black men, because that would interfere with the narrative they've painstakingly cultivated, that all black men are animals, and black people in general are savage criminals compared to white people. They will do everything they can to stop that narrative from ever changing. Respect and love to Dr. Shakur. But he's going to die in that prison, because that's the most devastating result to the black community, and they want to keep devastating the black community over and over and over, so they can never dig their way out.

  14. It's all because he is a Strong Black Man… with a Louder Voice than what WHITE America can deal with. HELL… WHITE America has a hard enough time coping with, dealing with and standing next to WHITE voices and ideals that bring PROGRESS and LIGHT.

  15. They know that a majority of the people at this moment in history are fed up and they are afraid to let people like this gain the ear of the people again. We need people like this to help us rise up! Fear mongering is the curtain that this wicked governmental wizard hides behind!

  16. Ummm wiki says he was involved as a leader of a group that robbed a brinks truck and killed 3 people and injuring a couple others. I'm not sure what the current rules on accessory to triple homicide and armed robbery… care to enlighten me?

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