‘Mom’ Who Received $200K In Eviction Donations Admits Daughters Are Not Hers

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31 thoughts on “‘Mom’ Who Received $200K In Eviction Donations Admits Daughters Are Not Hers

  1. All that & y’all could’ve just donated $10 to my cashapp $21mag

    I don’t have any kids real or fake but I damn sure could use some cash haha. Who gonna give me an early Christmas?

  2. This is absolutely disgusting!!! THIS is why those who can genuinely use the help & need the help can’t receive it because of horrific beings like “Scam Grier” !!!!!

  3. lol i saw this on cnn live, and I can tell the acting was so bad. cnn and democrats continue to scam you guys and you all deserve it for voting them in and watching cnn.

  4. This is the thing though, the bio mom didn't have nothing to say until it involved money. Didnt bio mom, according to ctg, say she dropped off the kids for a week with step mom?? Who is raising whose kids hmmmmm…..i think there more to the story

  5. Please she’s going to be hood rich
    Chanel bags flashy car then she’ll be broke again and not able to pay her rent and don’t forget the karma 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. CNN says she described herself as a mother "because she considers herself as one of them." Isn't this similar to the transgendr argument? They call themselves women because they consider themselves one of them… 🤷🏾‍♂️If so, wouldn't that make her a TRANS-MOM.🤣🤣

  7. I'm not mad at her finesse game either & that's exactly what I said💯 She should've let the biological mom know the situation & gave her a percentage smh, that's the problem with our race crab @$$ mentalities, greed too much for self division dissension/ discord

  8. Whether she was the mom or not, she knew that she was scamming, and I don't know why she didn't think she was going to get bust out when she went on national TV. Anybody a friend, foe, relative, and not just the bio mom could've busted her out. All she's doing in the end is bringing negative karma her way.

  9. This sucks because their are actually mothers who really need help. And stuff like this makes people question others if they really need help.

  10. Ppl who think this shit funny are missing a few things in the comments that makes this shit super sad:

    *a grown ass woman with no kids don’t have the drive to work and support her own damn self

    *shes willing to use someone else’s kids as a pawn to get money

    *her bf obviously can’t help her… her whoooolleee dude

    *he signed off on her using his kids for money

    *there’s a real mother struggling who I believe has no idea. The bf and girlfriend didn’t bank on it getting the attention it got.

  11. Wow, y'all really choosing entitled women accountable in 2021?🤔🤣🤣🤣 Now that's Equality 💯😁👌🏾But hold on, if it was a man, he would be in jail for FRAUD. But this is a start i guess 🙄

  12. She’s 100% dead wrong for claiming the kids as hers when they are not her daughters. I’m also disappointed in the lack of basic journalism and fact checking CNN failed to do, when they featured her. Like they for real pushed a narrative that she was some struggling single mom, which they like to do. Yes she needed help, but she lied about her situation and that’s foul. This is why people don’t feel comfortable giving anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. The real mom on another video crying her eyes out. Apparently these are 3 of 7 kids she has and she’s the real one struggling. The baby father is oddly silent on all this so I think it’s really him and her trying to finesse sympathy on GoFundMe. Ain’t no way someone would have the nerve to claim someone else’s kids ON MAINTSTEAM TV without the go ahead somewhere.

    This makes Dasha a full on bum cause you don’t have any kids, a whole man and still can’t figure out how to get your bills paid on time?????? TFOH

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