Mission Impossible: Woman Passes Field Sobriety Tests

On May 25, 2017 an officer who had just made a DUI arrest was driving with his arrestee in the back seat cage when he witnessed a driver heading the wrong direction of travel – a high probability indicator of chemical impairment — or old age. Either way, danger.

Taking his job seriously, the trooper swung around and made a DUI-stop-within-a-DUI-stop… but he was surprised to discover that the woman he pulled over, pulled off the impossible: she came out of the standardized field sobriety test battery wearing only the bracelets she started with.


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Author: rafael.nieves


44 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Woman Passes Field Sobriety Tests

  1. Cop is a pos. Walking backwards in the dark in straight line is something most ppl cannot do sober.
    He made her stand in one leg over 15 seconds. A total criminal looking for false arrest!

  2. You guys are acting like this cop had no reason to believe she’s intoxicated. She was driving on the wrong side of the road! And wasn’t even aware of it! And as soon as he realized she’s not impaired, he backed off. Like wtf was he supposed to do

  3. I'll never understand why they do all the hokey pokey bullshit feel subrity tests amd waste all that time….when they can just bust out the breathalizer test amd take 5 seconds to have you blow in it and get all the information they need….a simple ur drunk or not drunk

  4. She walked heel to toe then toe to heel walking backwards perfect.Cop says she didn't do it right and he wont count that one against her. WTF. That way is way harder. She should have got bonus points for that.

  5. Well I've only gotten to where he's lecturing her at the back of the trunk at this point. If he gives her a ticket after putting her through that test and then lecturing her he's a really bad cop. We always had a rule if we lecture them they don't get a ticket if we don't lecture them they can get a ticket.

  6. The cop clearly did more testing than he needed to but I can kinda understand where he's coming from. This lady was on the wrong side of the road which is extremely dangerous and anyone with any driving knowledge could realize it. Letting her go there would mean letting someone who was literally on the wrong side of the road back onto the road to continue driving. He could've stopped at the walking or just did the breath test but this girl still made a huge driving error.

  7. At first I thought maybe she was British or something and just used to driving on the wrong side. Then I realized she was a dance instructor, so she could probably do all this shit drunk while blindfolded.

  8. FSTs are ridiculous, never submit to one, ask for a breathalizer if you are sure you are sober. There's been a lot of studies, and they demonstrate that failing a FST is extremely easy even if sober and in the best circumstances. Kudos for this girl for passing it anyway 😀

  9. He was determined to have her fail… Hell I can't walk heel to toe forward while sober, much less backwards while counting… Why do the police waste time with those test when they literally have something u can blow In and show ur alcohol level? If the person refuses the breath test, then do the other sobriety test… The breath test isn't 100% accurate either… Drinking and driving is wrong And could kill innocent people, not just your dumb ass…. So can inattentive drivers.. nothing can possibly be more important than the road, other drivers and the steering wheel under you hands… You get a txt, phone call or anything that takes your eyes off the road, if only for a second, then find a safe place and pull over… If not possible then wait til you can… Smdh common sense isn't so common these days… This lady tho wasn't under the influence… So why all the test when she could have easily blown in the breath test?? If u still feel like she isn't alert and safe to drive, then make her preform the other test….

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