Miami Beach Police Arrest Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor (Body Camera Footage)

The publication of this video is accompanied by some good news and other mediocre news. The good news is that body camera footage of Conor McGregor’s arrest exists and is published here for you to see. It contains material that has never been published elsewhere prior.

The mediocre news is that the body camera footage of McGregor’s arrest could more appropriately be titled “Miami Beach Police Stand Around For Two Hours Waiting for Conor McGregor to Come Outside, and Then Turn Their Cameras Off.” One thing to realize as you watch this video is that you are seeing only the most action-packed portions of the body camera footage of McGregor’s arrest. I took the liberty of removing more than one hour of footage which showed cops standing around in silence, their impatience perhaps tempered only by the thought of The Notorious stealing their phone and smashing it. (Too soon?)

Conor McGregor was arrested the night of March 11, 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida and charged with felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief. Ahmed Abdirzak, on vacation from England with friends, had been out at the LIV Nightclub at Miami’s Fountainebleu hotel. Abdirzak exited the nightclub along with McGregor and his entourage, but when he tried to take a photo with McGregor things turned south.

The 30-year-old McGregor smacked the phone from Abdirzak’s hand and stomped on it multiple times, before picking it up himself and walking away with it. The phone was reportedly valued at $1,000.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video and detectives later located and arrested McGregor at his Miami Beach Airbnb. McGregor was booked into jail and released from custody approximately four hours later, after posting a $12,500 bond. 

In Mid-May 2019 prosecutors dropped all charges against the former UFC champion, stating that the Abdirzak had stopped cooperating with investigators and had recanted his story. According to the The Miami Herald, Abdirzak dropped his civil lawsuit against McGregor after reaching a settlement. Abdirzak had been seeking $15,000 in damages.

Florida assistant state attorney Khalil Madani said that Abdirzak “has credibility issues as he’s changed his previously sworn testimony.” He added, “Based on the witness’s credibility issues, his unwillingness to respond to a subpoena and the inability of the witnesses to testify as to his subjective mindset, the State of Florida cannot prove the charges against Mr. McGregor beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Because some people have not been reading between the lines, I should clarify that the above quote by the ASA does not actually suggest that the victim has credibility problems or that the incident did not happen as originally claimed. Rather, McGregor reached a financial settlement with Abdirzak. In exchange, Abdirzak stopped cooperating with the State of Florida’s prosecution of McGregor.





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29 thoughts on “Miami Beach Police Arrest Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor (Body Camera Footage)

  1. Guys normal people are a possible threat for the police so of course the treatment is different.
    Conor had no reason to run or hurt them because he is a celebrity. Also when the media are involved the treatment is always better

  2. 150 000 dollars for 30 cops , gasoline and time. For a 400 dollar phone (used, market value) … make him pay for a new phone, and write a ticket for another 500 bucks, give him the ticket through the window and have a nice day..ALWAYS making these big orchestrations…it's not like that in Europe…. it's one or 2 cops….that's it, and tickets get issued…. see you in court… What is there to arrest, handcuff…carry to the station, what cant be done on site with a notepad and a pen?????

  3. If that was me i would be dragged out of my house in my boxers at gun point. These guys really waited for hours for this guy to come out😂🤣 ? The Law and its enforcement officials must wait until the champ is ready to go to jail is what im getting from this video…. Absolutely incredible.

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