Mexican Cited for Driving 105 MPH Claims Kilometer Confusion

On May 6, 2018 two young women were stopped by Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. David Arredondo for driving 105 miles per hour in a 75-zone.

The driver of the vehicle presented her international driver’s license as she explained that she was so used to driving “in” kilometers per hour that 100 seemed like the right spot.

Unconvinced, Sgt. Arredondo wrote up her citation, the two of them occasionally conversing to try and figure out unit conversions, such as the driver’s height in feet.

$182, ma’am.


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Author: rafael.nieves


33 thoughts on “Mexican Cited for Driving 105 MPH Claims Kilometer Confusion

  1. That’s how they drive in Mexico aggressive the cops don’t pull you over it’s a dog it dog out their.. I thought this was a pornhub video at first. I thought the mom & daughter was gonna give the cop an enchallida

  2. Anyone else find it strange that the PO has a definitive Hispanic accent but never attempt to speak any Spanish with this chica? Even basic HS Spanish could've told him how to say $182 (LOL). Or again, there's this thing called Google… 😉

  3. As for trying to figure out how to convert her data to standard from metric, there's this thing that's been around for almost 14 years (at the time of the stop) called a smartphone, and on that smartphone there's this cool thing called Google that can make those conversions for you in a heartbeat… and if the LEO doesn't have a smartphone, there's a really cool device in his unit called a computer wherein he can also access Google! (Isn't that a neat trick?)

  4. 105 mph is speeding in the US?

    I call 105 mph = 170 kmh normal travel speed to work and home. I wouldn't even dare to skip on the left lane with this speed. If your car can't even drive 250 kmh, don't drive on the left lane. And yes I live in Germany.

  5. Umm… this excuse only works the other way around. If she saw a speed sign for 75mph and confused that form kmh, she would be doing 46mph. If her car was mph then not sure how she got confused?

  6. I drive 50 mins on i35 every day and so many cars with mexico plates come hauling ass past me going well over 100mph. It's gotten to the point where I on purposely cruise at 75 just to force them to slow down. Because of them we have state troopers having to be posted in certain spots now.

  7. Seems like a non-event of sorts. Although going that fast gets me a little worried about the safety of the other drivers on the road…Geez, I think in some states they'd just lock you uo and make you wait for a judge of some sort. Have fun out there!

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