Metro State: Putting The “Risk” in “High Risk Funerals”

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As you may be aware, in late-October 2019, deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office sought and were granted a warrant for Jeremy Dewitte’s electronic devices. This came about as the direct result of Dewitte telling the police that he kept many hours of archival funeral escort footage on his office computers. Clever.

Sure enough, a forensic search of those computers turned up a trove of video-recorded criminal activity, conveniently stored on Jeremy’s desktop in a folder named “Jay’s Cool Stuff.” Those videos led directly to many of Motor One’s current felony charges, and as an homage to Jeremy, we, too, store our Metro State videos in our own folder, appropriately named “Jay’s Cool Stuff.”

But enough talk about it. Let’s see what’s in it. Is there more escort footage?

Start your engines! Let’s at least get some speed! Let’s get to 100!


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Author: rafael.nieves


36 thoughts on “Metro State: Putting The “Risk” in “High Risk Funerals”

  1. I can’t wait to see this guy get what he has coming to him. A nice long prison sentence. He has broken so many laws, violated probation, and many other things. I hope he gets several years. He deserves it. Maybe it will straighten his dumbass out.

  2. Why does a funeral even need an escort? Literally nobody does that here in Europe, unless it's an extremely high profile person, in which case the actual police or military takes care of it.

  3. Holy crap. Hope a school bus with red flashing lights and a stop sign out never ever gets in front of one of this nut jobs "high risk" funeral processions. My BP goes up everytime I see one of Dimwitts videos.

  4. If he would stop the siren use and not driving so fast I think he would be okay today. But no he's using the siren and driving way to fast and dressed like law enforcement

  5. I don't see how he gets away with that siren crap. He says over and over, "We don't use the siren, only the air horn" , but you hear him using the siren. The police here would confiscate his vehicle first time.

  6. So I just noticed this, @ 10:41 that the light said, “photo enforced” when these morons are running through red lights, along with people in the funeral, don’t they get tickets? Or does the state throw them out? Would b interesting to see how all that works out

  7. One question regarding the legal system, since I do not live in the US. The double yellow line is a "no-pass" line I assume, even for overtaking right? Some times he states, that he can stop at interjections and stop traffic. Police says he can't. Then they state he can control traffic on their own lane? I don't get what he is actually allowed and what he isn't. Other than that… Why is there such a thing as a funeral escort anyway? Can't I just… normally… drive to the gravesite from the memorial service, much like I could just drive from home to work and back? Why would I need an escort at all? Why does it matter if the funeral attendees drop-in one-by-one within about 10 to 15 minutes and then start the gravesite ceremony instead of rushing there all at once. I don't get their business idea tbh. How do they sell it? "Oh yeah, btw. traffic is dangerous. Better take security with you.. but only for that one route when you have a funeral"… Huh? Sorry for my ignorance, but I really don't get it at all… Fun watch nevertheless…

  8. Who in their right mind would want this for their funeral? Why do you need this service anyhow. It's not like the deceased has anywhere better to be. Rip this poor person.

  9. The lack of respect to the grieving family and friends is remarkable but is nothing compared to the total disregard to the laws designed to make the roads safe. This clown Jeremy is claiming the police is singling him out and after watching this video (and many like it) I am left wondering how has this gone on this long?

  10. Surely you can’t say that this wouldn’t be a fun job despite the sociopathic boss… a small price to pay to turn the streets into your own motorcycle racetrack!!

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