Meet & Greet while Cop Watching informing anyone who asks

Hit and Run Suspect gets away- leaves his or her truck for the LA Port Police then LAPD to go threw….I’m a approached by a lady who saw me recording- I’m always glad to explain what I am doing. People need to be informed, and hopefully she will bring it up with family or friends so real people are talking about real issues…. Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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25 thoughts on “Meet & Greet while Cop Watching informing anyone who asks

  1. The problem with handing out business cards is they can be used against you. Too much time to get into the legal problems. They could use it to label you as part of a group that could become a police target because one member gets stupid. See where I'm going?

  2. I like watching all these cop watch videos. I appreciate what you all do. I think tom zibra is the best though 🙂 that dude isn't afraid of the police.

  3. Huge props to you Laura, but you are a good looking female out at night doing this. Carry some protection in case you're followed back to your car. Take No chances, ok?

  4. i never claim any rights,I would just record because I can…claiming to have rights from the same pieces of paper that's used to make laws from just doesn't make sense…WE ARE TOLD DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE EVEN THOUGH ONE IS FORCED TO PAY TAXES THAT "PAYS FOR THE ROADS IS A REQUIREMENT" um no that's not logical at all…open the mind to what true reality really is…I just wanted to spark a true thought from a legal fiction,,I claim no rights

  5. About 50% of what police do deals with harm, loss, and alarm,, so the other 50% of their work is to generate revenue for the state.. Non violent crimes shouldn't be apart of their job description.

  6. Lots of people have suggested cop watchers carry business cards.  I know Tom Zebra did for awhile and he handed out quite a few of them.  I think its time "the shark" made some cards.

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