Man Quickly Regrets Swinging a Bat at the Police Station

When Christopher Rivas decided to stroll up to the West Covina Police Station and start swinging a bat around, I’m not exactly sure what he was expecting but I’m glad this is what he got.

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

Giddy UP!

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38 thoughts on “Man Quickly Regrets Swinging a Bat at the Police Station

  1. Zero reason to hit him like that he wasn't hitting anyone with the bat hadn't swung it at a cop just another thug cop wanting to hit somebody

  2. Does anyone know the story behind this one? The real one, not the funny one. Im guessing the guy was mentally ill because you'd kinda have to be.

  3. wow do you see how that cop TACKLED that man from behind? there is a reason why these kind of tackles are ILLEGAL in football! the man is lucky he didn't hit his head and get a concussion or permanent brain damage!!! #excessiveforce

  4. is it just me or does it appear the guy with the bat has "security" written on the back of his jacket he is probobly thinking "damned cops and their damned exams taking my security jobs"

  5. Well, I once went to a police station on a sunday. It seemed closed. NO public access that day so I was going there to drop off a flyer for a local event. I think it was an all American political event not sure now been 20 years but I was thinking of my fellow citizens in blue when I was handing them out and side tracked over there. Since it was closed I left one in the door.

    I did not exactly get invited to any police BBQ's nor did it seem anyone wanted to go. I was however Mentioned in a meeting by name (who knows how they knew who I was) at a joint task force meeting with Local law and Federal Agents. How do i know my name was mentioned? Because a San Diego Militia Leader at the time was sitting in on those meetings. This was when militias were reaching out to local police agencies to let them know they were not the bad guys and when police agencies though it a good idea to know what the local militias were up to. I knew this militia guy from the local gun owners and United We stand chapter activities. So I was asked by Militia Capt if I was up to anything I should not be and if I was I might want to stop doing it. I assured the guy I was not engaged in any illegal activities and that was that. Except for the shower I needed because I felt dirty Must have been the mud in the Pig Pen. My view of local law enforcement declined greatly after that. It was obvious that they considered themselves a separate class then the Citizens. My point, it does not seem to matter if you take an invite or a bat to a police station. You are obviously a criminal in either case.

  6. I love how the old man towards the end draws his weapon. He was ready to put down this ethic man like the savage he is, god bless this trump nation we are all apart of. Next time I'm assaulted with a squirt gun by my next door neighbor ill make sure to put a bullet to his head like the good lord intended! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  7. Tsk tsk, that is not how you do it, should have used his head instead, what if he scratched that bat, that would be a shame, his head is worthless anyway.

  8. LOL Some of the people that are out there, that we share this earth with do make me laugh when they can be so idiotic its unbelievable, I seriously wonder what he was hoping to achieve.. that glass looks like security glass anyway, I noticed his jacket said Security, I work in that profession, and well lol he should know better, but not everyone has common sense unfortunately, well done to the police officers also inside the station, who got the public to an area of safety – smart move, potentially stopped a few people being injured, after events like this I would have liked to have seen what he said during questioning, just to try and add up all of the dots, on why he did what he did, good result anyway, he deserved that arrest.

  9. Your typical nice, humorous commentary.

    Could you elaborate on the logic of tackling the guy from the blind side? Not that I'm critical of it.

    It is just that at the point of the tackle, the "batter" had only taken action against property, not any person.

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