Man Lures Cop with 9-1-1 Call Only to Try and Stab Him

Not sure what Mr. Johnson was going through that night when he lured a cop in with 9-1-1 call only to aggress him with a weapon. This Sgt. From Kalamazoo County MI did a fine job giving ample warning, maintaining distance and utilizing the proper response to end the threat.

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45 thoughts on “Man Lures Cop with 9-1-1 Call Only to Try and Stab Him

  1. What was the distance when the shot was fired? These wide angle cameras make it difficult to judge the distance properly. Anyways, the officer could have continued backing up, waiting out until the backup arrives. Or until the perp tries to charge him. Then I wouldn't mind if many more rounds were fired. The way it happened on the video, it felt like the officer just chose some arbitrary moment to fire a shot when he decided it was enough foreplay. Not because the situation immediately called for it and there was no other way… On the other hand, the dude might have been wearing a vest. Then it was probably the correct distance for taking a shot, I guess 🤔

  2. I feel the officer did not deescalate the situation, rather her just chose to fire at the earliest moment that can be justified, i.e. the earliest moment to avoid disciplinary actions. Is this shooting legal? In jurisdictions that only require officer to be threatened with a lethal weapon, yes. Is it inevitable? No. The dude is clearly mentally challenged. As officers, we should be protecting lives of all members of the community, using deadly force only as an last result.

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  4. I love when people say oh why not shoot them in a leg……my answer……you try having perfect placement aim at a moving target with an unknown path and or trajectory!!!

  5. Did this guy seriously think he was going to fence with a small knife against a trained officer with a gun? Wtf… Anyone remember when weed was the problem? Now it's shit with the most ridiculous names ever made by some dweeb with one hand because his nitric acid ate the other off, so he just cause his purple eye juice drug something like nubby? "ay bruh I got that nubby"

  6. Ok that officer did a great job. Now I want to address Washington State, they want to do away with police as we know them and put in counselors. My question is how many wounded or dead counselors will it take to figure out that bad guys don’t want to reason?!

  7. The only thing the officer could have done better is try to take control of the situation by issuing affirmative orders instead of negative orders. Like telling him to lie on the ground spread his legs etc. Telling him not to do something leaves the perp in control of the interaction.

  8. A knife is a deadly weapon. Tasers don’t always work on everyone. I am not sure if this officer had access to a taser. The officer responded to a potential deadly or serious bodily harm situation with the next level of force and only fired the one round so it’s not like he kept shooting. I would have probably done the same as this officer.

  9. Distance was likely close to 10 feet or less.
    A knife is a deadly weapon. If you do not have your weapon out of the holster at that range – you are going to get cut.
    21 foot rule exists for a reason.

  10. I've seen comments on how the officer could have just continued to back up rather than firing his weapon. But what could he potentially be backing into? It's obvious that this is an ambush. Could the perp be guiding the officer further into the ambush where more of the perps friends could be hidden and waiting? Or what happens if the officer were to trip over a hazard in the process of retreating? Remember that the perp is also carrying a weapon with the potential and quite possibly the intent to kill. In my opinion this officer handled the situation expertly, and people need to stop looking for ways to defend the actions of criminals.

  11. Since they lost a Deputy this year and the incident started at that gas station I could see how this turned out and it is acceptable.

  12. Dude deserved it honestly. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Randomly calling 911 for the sole purpose to threaten a police officer's life is definitely a stupid game.

  13. To the folks complaining about him shooting when he did: One of the things about body cams is they're worn on the body. This means you don't see the officers head movements, their perspective, or anything like that. He could have turned his head and noticed a civilian or noticed one in his peripheral and a body cam won't show that. Given that the officer pulled up, got out, took two or three steps forward before drawing, then backed up 15-20 feet I'd go with he was about to enter the street on foot, without his cruiser right there with lights on to show drivers he's out and about, it's raining (meaning people can't stop or see as well), and he likely is wearing a dark uniform as a lot of PD's have dark uniforms which would make him even harder to see.
    All of that, along with the guy acting like he's a fencer with all those false lunges, makes this a good shoot.

  14. Was there not man who stated "never bring a knife to a gunfight?

    Play stupid games win topshelf stupid prizes.

    Pat i'd like to solve the puzzle but it solved itself.

  15. Im sure the guy with the knife had mental problems, was trying to get his life together and ready to get his phd. from Harvard until all this happened,

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