Louisiana State Police Fires Trooper Who Spoke Out About Police Brutality

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46 thoughts on “Louisiana State Police Fires Trooper Who Spoke Out About Police Brutality

  1. The US has the largest prison population because it's Big Business. I wanted to invest my money & spoke with a cpl of investment groups, in the top 3 was prisons. Making $ off other ppl miserable situation. Smdh.

  2. What do we do. Hell on earth. You really gotta stay clear of police. And if you encounter one, just think and act like you gonna make it home or out of this, and just comply. Even though they got guns, cops really be scared as fuc of black people. They think we're super human, which means they'll do extra when it comes to being physical and aggressive. "Stop resisting" like I'm not gumby MF. Its natural to tense up or flex if your arm is being pulled to far, or u got yo damn knee in my bac.

  3. So the police killed a man and they have cameras evidence and so they have to have an investigation before they judge if they are guilty, so they continue to work and get paid until that day comes but a man talk about corruption and no evidence or investigation needed to judge him as guilty, they just straight up fire him. Anyone else see the problem?

  4. Cops are quitting or getting fired left and right for refusal to get the vaccine. My brothers and sisters, we need to fill those positions before they are replaced with more suppressors. If we want to see reform we need actors on the inside and the outside. If your record is clean, you in decent shape, and have an AA degree, please apply if you know you can make change. The more of us in the depth, the harder it will be for stuff like this to continue.

  5. Department policy: thoul shall not snitch. Good cops that allow bad cops to keep doing injustices is also a bad cop. Good cops that shun other good cops for turning in a bad cop. Are so bad cops. So where are the good cops?

  6. Question??
    Isn't the whistleblowing Carl Cavalier was "ACCUSED "of..
    Called "STOP SNITCHING " supposedly the code of the street's that bacon strip pork police "claimed " was problematic in urban neighborhoods???

  7. Lo the KKK alive and well in America.. To beat and kill it should not be serve and protect. Black people need to start police themselves in the black community and let the white people go police themselves.. You guys system is Dumb cripple and crazy… Too much Hatred there. In God we trust. Who ever came up with that line……. Seems like the devil is running the place… Just saying..

  8. Louisiana is a red state… Which means “Racist” Master P showed you that on No Limit Chronicles on BET when he set up camp there for his artists. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana and that state is very much crooked & racist.

  9. You see how easy it is to fire police officers who speaks against police brutality but difficult to fire actual officers who brutalizes the community?

  10. That’s terrible, so basically they employ devils and if and when spoken about they choose to terminate ?!? So they’re snakes in my opinion. I saw another video about a young black woman who was a corrections officer and she was followed by an inmates girlfriend to smuggle drugs and shit she was chosen by the inmate. She reported to her employer not even making it home she went back to work and they dismissed her as if…well now I feel that she may have been tested. I don’t trust the police not even if I was in a situation. I’m defending myself and I’m licensed to carry and I will shoot if my family or myself are in danger.

  11. There should be some sort of Federal repercussions against this type of retaliation for exposing wrong-doing. Whistle-blower protections have no teeth, whatsoever, if they fail to handle this situation.
    And, sending him back to work is no longer an acceptable solution. He must be paid, the department penalized, in such a punitive fashion, that they're deterred from indulging in open, naked retaliation.

  12. Police for the most part, Hide their crimes of violence and murders from the public, They'll lie, They'll conspire, They'll find any way they can to blame it on their victim.
    That's why their are no good cops, Good cops will be terminated, So you can't speak out on it at all, Without losing your badge.

  13. I remember when this happened and they killed him. They said he hit a tree, but his car wasn't even that damaged from a tree. He was dead when they wheeled him in the hospital, but they beat him to death. They showed some bodycam footage, but they edited the rest. He had a deep laceration in his scalp proving the force they used. I applaud him for standing up and asking questions.

  14. The cops don't need to build trust with the community. Even with all of the laws cops break, they still continue unencumbered. They commit thier crimes on cammera and stil get away with them. If you don't have consequences, you don't care. Remember, cops like Derek Chauvin getting arrest, tried, and convicted for their crimes is nothing more than an anomaly until we force change to happen

  15. For every cop that is killed, a family that's Fallen victim to their  tyranny is that much closer to Justice.

    this is why we celebrate the death of cops.

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