Man Fleeing Ohio Police With Abducted infant Crashes into House

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Baltimore, Ohio — The incident began in the city of North Baltimore, June 27, 2023 as a dispute between the mother of the child (name being withheld) and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Johnathon J. Baker. Baker took the 7-month old child and left in his vehicle. North Baltimore Police sent a BOLO to area law enforcement with special attention to Seneca and Sandusky Counties. The vehicle was observed as it was traveling through the City of Tiffin. Seneca County Sheriff and Tiffin Police cruisers attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

The suspect vehicle rapidly accelerated and veered left off the roadway, crashing into a residence at 613 S. Sandusky St. No one was in the home at the time of the crash. The child was removed from the vehicle where lifesaving protocols were administered. Baker was also provided medical assistance. Both infant and Baker were transported by ambulance to Tiffin Mercy Hospital. The infant succumbed to her injuries and died soon after arrival to the hospital. Baker was transported by air to Toledo St. Vincent’s Hospital where he still is located in critical condition. A loaded weapon was found in the vehicle along with at least one spent cartridge.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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29 thoughts on “Man Fleeing Ohio Police With Abducted infant Crashes into House

  1. Sooo… the father did that intentionally to try to kill himself and the kid? He clearly jerked the wheel and didn't brake. He wanted to plow into the house. Good Lord…

  2. the US is such a primitive 3rd world country…. Here in scandinavia the police would never chase in this situation if they knew a baby was in the car. They would use unmarked cars and follow from a distance until the vehicle parked.

  3. Not a lot of real information here… It almost sounds as though he shot himself while driving. People don't generally lose control in that manner. Anytime drugs, crime or any other relevant factors were involved, that is the time to expose the facts. The yellow car crashing into a house is not the most helpful description of events. It's not even clear if that was his biological child… "Abducted…"?
    One time when a high speed pursuit was not so intelligent.

  4. Geezus that's horrible that innocent baby girl passed because of a scumbag. He will enjoy prison when the inmates find out what he did.

  5. I can watch a criminal get riddled with bullets, hit by a car, etc multiple times. but as a father these types of videos really hurt me, and can only watch them once. That 7 month old innocent baby didn’t deserve this and I hope the mother let’s someone in the jail know what he did and he gets what’s coming.

  6. Without a doubt I'm sure that POS didn't have her in a car seat. People need to be screened before being allowed to become parents. Now she's dead. RIP

  7. Wow… that wasn't loss of control nor was he going fast enough to lose control. He intentionally smashed into the house or at least was attempting to drive between the houses, either way, it was intentional. Disgusting.

  8. Terrible tragedy … rip little one. On a lighter note, did anyone else catch the whale trying to beach itself on the trunk of the Camaro? LoL!!!

  9. Police should NOT have given chase. They are 100% accountable for the avoidable death of that poor baby girl !
    RIP darlin' !!!!

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