Man Armed With Knife Gets Shot by Cops at Seattle Waterfront


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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Seattle, Washington State — The Seattle Police Department is released body-worn video and the audio of a 911 call associated with Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting. SPD responded to a call from the Port of Seattle Police Department about a subject in crisis. Port of Seattle officers described the subject as a white male wearing a black coat and black pants, holding a knife to his throat. SPD officers arrived in the area and quickly located a man matching the description. Port of Seattle Police approached the man and attempted to use a less-lethal tool, but the device was ineffective. The man moved toward officers, and two Seattle Police officers fired, fatally striking the man. Representatives of the Office of Police Accountability, the Office of Inspector General and the SPD Force Investigation Team responded to the scene. The officers have been placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with SPD policy while the investigation is ongoing.

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32 thoughts on “Man Armed With Knife Gets Shot by Cops at Seattle Waterfront

  1. No reason why can't disarm a person with a knife ur pulling up and have a ar ready to shoot the fucks wrong with ur police force Seattle its called tactics try to fuckin use them instead of ur pussy bullets like hit them with the car the knife gonna go flying rather than 50% chance of ending there life

  2. I remember when I was in his place , I’m so glad I didn’t do it because not even a week later I was blessed with my first nephew

  3. The fist cop could have just shot his knee out but the suspect got what he wanted so it is what it it is feel sorry for the suspects family

  4. Where’s the social worker when you need them honestly people that are sick in the head it’s almost impossible to reason with them in tense situation they are too unstable and unpredictable I feel like sending a social workers will just end up getting hurt during situations like this or worse

  5. I am usually not the "you should have shot him in the leg" guy, but in this case I think he was slow enough to try it. On the other hand, the situation is really horrible and the police officer must protect his own life and health first.

  6. This is a huge fail on the officers. They knew prior to engagement he was armed and suicidal. They had plenty of time to employ Non-lethal.

    The man was begging to be killed and not showing to be an actual threat to the police officers.

    The family now has a fool-proof case against the Department because of some cop that wanted some target practice on someone who is obviously going through psychosis.

    Don't be a boot-licker. There a lot of good cops, These were incompetent and negligent ones that should not be defended simply for having a badge.

  7. Unfortunately I've been in that man's shoes. I put a gun in my mouth 6 years ago and thank God I didn't pull the trigger. I was in a very dark place and thought my life was over. As a survivor it hurts to see people not make it and it's even worse for the officers as they have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

  8. Everyone who's ever fallen to such a dark place that they feel the only solution is to end everything are the ones who need enlightenment the most, and be told that there's always another way. There is no shame in seeking help, and there are always people who will listen to all your troubles and won't judge you for it. Anyone is able to put on a positive outwards appearance, but not even the strongest person can live their entire life letting their negative emotions build up inside of them, because sooner or later it's gonna tear them apart. You're never alone in your struggles, no matter how overwhelming they may appear.

  9. Man that sucks. I can't help but feel like if I was the officer I'd have put a round into his groin in the hope of not having to kill the guy. Say I missed center mass. He'd still have a pretty good chance of dying but he probably wouldn't be able to come at me with a shattered hip and/or pelvis. Just such a shitty situation.

  10. I’m not one of these anti cops people, but really.. No discussion? No trying to calm him down? He waddles a few steps and they kill him. America lmfao.

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