Man Armed With Knife Gets Shot by Cops at Seattle Waterfront

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Seattle, Washington State — The Seattle Police Department is released body-worn video and the audio of a 911 call associated with Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting. SPD responded to a call from the Port of Seattle Police Department about a subject in crisis. Port of Seattle officers described the subject as a white male wearing a black coat and black pants, holding a knife to his throat. SPD officers arrived in the area and quickly located a man matching the description. Port of Seattle Police approached the man and attempted to use a less-lethal tool, but the device was ineffective. The man moved toward officers, and two Seattle Police officers fired, fatally striking the man. Representatives of the Office of Police Accountability, the Office of Inspector General and the SPD Force Investigation Team responded to the scene. The officers have been placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with SPD policy while the investigation is ongoing.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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42 thoughts on “Man Armed With Knife Gets Shot by Cops at Seattle Waterfront

  1. Think cop responded with the AR knowing if had used leathal would be able to shoot them with the long gun…like why would firstnofficer to arrive have a long gun already loaded coxked ready rock n roll as.aproching an suicide victim know they have deadly weapons on a knife even if suspect got close enough to stab at him would been plenty officer's even his partner an would been plenty time pull his pistol if need was really suspect how he arrived nit driving holding a assault type weapon an looks like was plenty of back ground shit would hit possibly killed someone standing back there in dark but always arrested us for shotting in front of un sage back drop an an oo always know what's behind ya target with high powered rifle would thought being cop would have nitrites that an not fired a high powered rifle in downtown Seattle were citizens be on vac what if family was out walking walking around an got hit in the dark or summing looked very scary spot once he quit shooting an noticed the back drop lol thunk even he realized wasn't safe after first couple shots that an don't take but one good hit with that rifle to lay someone down ive never seen someone hit with 55.6 an stay on there feet never even when hit in arm or hand cause body go in to shock an yea can't stay on feet bucket going so fast makes a pressure wave through body n when hits brain shuts down goes into shock why most military an cops utilize them cause one hit enemy is down might not kill them off top but will lay them.down

  2. Strange for the blm terrorist they didnt shoot rifles, but for this 1 person who was not really aggressive they do… maybe because he was white, we all know white lives dont matter. If he was black i doubt they shot the rifle..

  3. guy is WALKING toward a cop with a 30 round fully auto AR begging to be killed…. shoot him in the fucking leg and disarm him, save his life, maybe he could of turned it around. but no had to blast him and give him what he wanted. id understand if he were running toward the cop do what needs to be done but damn…………………..

  4. What when you going when could this police officers when you going when you going when you going when police chase you want this going police officers when you going when you going policia when you going knife 🔪 when you going when you going when police chase you want police officers when you going when you going when you going when could this when you going

  5. "Attempted to use a less-lethal tool, but the device was ineffective" that's defenitly a lie, unless you count an automatic rifle as a "less-lethal tool". Poor guy tried to kill himself with a kitchen knife that was so blunt, it could n't cut a tomatoe but thanks to 2 morons that serve in police he got killed pretty quick. I think police needs a serious upgrade like you hear any complaints you just ride and shoot and then go to some resort for 6 months, it's paid anyway by taxpayers money. Yeah and capitalism kills.

  6. I'm not from USA so I'm not aware of this trend, it looks like a lot of people try to suicide by cops, and it seems quite obvious when that is the case.
    Can't they make weapons that make enough damage to incapacitate the suspect without killing them ?
    If the suspect only has a knife, you have lot of spaces to use another weapon to try to incapacitate them, so I don't know why they only use firearms.

    Like take your car and ram him over, then taze him when he's on the ground. There are solutions, you gotta pick the best depending the situation of course sometime the suspect is athletic and you know you won't have time to react so you shoot him, but.. in lot of cases you have more than enough time. It seems like they're not trying their best to pick the best solution

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