Lots Of Pigs

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  1. I hope you read this and can respond regarding talking to police…my last 8-10 encounters over the past 6yrs/so have been vastly different that what you could imagine and I talk to the police until they say stop talking, ill take it easy on you. God as my whitness I get pulled over/ie caught about every 2-3 months driving an uninsured car while my existing tag expired in 2019. I've always open carried, not sure if this is the caviot to not getting bullied, most likely. I stopped buying insurance in 2016, i have become an expert at exerting my right and happily walking into court (obviously unarmed) asking if THIS is a criminal court…yes…for suspected criminals I assume…yes sir thats correct. Well now im thoroughly confused because I was given an invitation for violating statutes, which im willing to over a vavorable plea, ask for forgiveness etc my im clearly in the wrong facility. Pause for a sec…if you are in the illegal traffic court, ANYONE/ANYTIME can ask for a jury trial among their peers….BUT BUT BUT once you are in the higher court they cannot push charges back down. BOOM, armed freeman driving on public roads without insurance, license registration…im free as a bird. Fuck a statute i do obey eyery law especially gun laws!!! Im buying equipment and starting a youtube channel. James, want to visit Wilmington De and help….ill walk around downtown armed and you create content that will be vastly different than anyone else on youtube.

  2. They are just trying to do their job. Also they are not pigs have you ever gone though the Police training do you know how hard it is to be an officer and your calling them pigs. People who calls them pigs go try out Police training and see if you pass.

  3. This all started after the Wimp took the office and we started losing Out Rights in name of patriotism. Old UNO agenda 21 read it sometime. Its a long term plan to bring us back to plantation age!

  4. If that’s one of his kids they should all be taken away. Filling their heads with the bullshit he spews is child abuse. One day his kids are gonna hate him for teaching them hate. That’s all this is teaching to hate.

  5. I'm fairly new to watching You Tube especially these posts, it is no doubt this James Freeman and other ignorant people on these sites are nothing more that A-1 Assholes, what a thing to be teaching your daughter about police, all you are doing is instilling your ignorance on her. Incredible absolutely incredible. I just can't believe how stupid you people are, and then we wonder why our country is falling apart.

  6. What shooting at your house? What happened? Do tell…. But yeah a lot of domestic violence calls are fake (retribution by the female), or she hit the male first, or did something, or stole something, provoked him, whatever…. Not making excuses for men who beat their women.

  7. I listen to scanners.
    A majority of the calls are what I call babysitting calls.
    People who haven't " adulted or matured to the point they act like adults and need a babysitter.
    Many are mental health issues, as the systems don't care anymore about people with mental health issues and choose instead to use that same money they could have used for healthcare, and turn into criminal or policing.
    Very little of what people would traditionally picture as policing or crime.
    Noise complaints, lots of noise complaints.
    One, 1:00 pm in the afternoon…. vacuuming too loudly , I kid you not.

  8. You are 100% wrong on privatization.
    What you are missing is that is what is broken now. They don't serve the people, they serve Admiralty Law and the banksters.
    If you look at Yeshua in the 1st century, He was dealing with Pharisees who were supposed to be Guarding The Torah , but were busy following man made commandments they created themselves to benefit them and the system called Judaism, which is a departure from the Hebraic law.
    They can't serve two masters. They learn to love one and hate the other.
    In this case and that one, it was the system that served themselves, not The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or " The People ", in this case.
    Serving manna, and a paycheck won't help that.
    And just how would a private service or company operate to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when they both have opposite goals?
    Be careful to not throw the baby out with the bath water over ideological beliefs.

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