39 thoughts on “Lawsuit pending Pensacola police department racial profiling claim.

  1. You can tell this man works hard and is a good man treating people like criminals is not the way forward I understand police have a tough job but you got to understand the situation!!

  2. The officer doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He definitely didn’t handle the situation well or appropriately. The baptist guy, he handled the situation very well by staying calm. He is well spoken and seem intelligent.

  3. I Understand he may not have had his seatbelt on, but does he need to put cuffs on. The said he stopped when he felt comfortable, the way these cops are killing people he has every right to get to a safe area. They’re just racist cops trying to justifying what they’re doing to him.

  4. So is it a thing for Cops to pull a gun at every traffic stop?!? What happened to walking to their window, tapping it, and asking for a license and registration?!?! These 'Cops' are dangers to communities and need to be fired and charged!

  5. I thought he said he stopped him cause he didn’t have his seatbelt on that’s a violation not need to get out the car and have cuffs put on him plus it was clear he had to take the seatbelt off to exit the vehicle????

  6. He said he fled but told dispatch he was driving 5 miles per hour stop at every stop sign but he said he fled pulled a gun if that isn't racist what is get another job being a officer is not looser

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