LAPD snatch up woman leaving the hospital


This is a quick video, LAPD snatch this woman up just after she leaves the hospital. I don’t know if she had a warrant, they recognized her, maybe she was especially scandalous and was “J walking”…..whatever the reason, they “cop a feel” all over her in the middle of the street outside the hospital. I know they have to search her for “their protection” but humiliating her is probably part of the joy for them…….anyway- stay tuned for the my new videos, comming soon.

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10 thoughts on “LAPD snatch up woman leaving the hospital

  1. I understand why they call a female cop to pat down a woman but what if the female cop is a lesbian? Wouldn't that be the same thing as a man patting a down a woman?

  2. Great job! I think we could do much better with two different Tactics. One.. more covert filming, not being seen, and the Fake Good cop watch, where you tell them you are looking for good cops to offset the evil copwatchers, because you think cops are good. Communication, and infiltration are very important. Go on some ride a longs.

  3. Thank you-πŸ‘-Laura i love your-videos-because i want to see the-REAL-"highly dangerous hogs/terrorists/gangsters with badges"doing their dirty-deeds-like-here-in-this-vid–n-braking-the-law-24/7-that-they-want-us-to-obey-n-false tickets/arrest–n-if-u-make-FAKE-videos-like-the-regular-media-on-tv-i-wouldn't need watch-them

  4. Another Thumb's Up. I know you'll think of some amazing ideas to make your "videos more entertaining". You raise an excellent point. I have actually unsubscribed from some CW channels because it became annoying to watch them. Although the content overall was very good, their presentation style was not conducive to attracting or maintaining new subs. It is your challenge to accept, to take the risk and push the boundaries just sufficiently enough to capture viewers' attention then follow up immediately with something dramatically unexpected (but definitely entertaining). You've already revealed yourself, your personality, your quirks, your objectives and so many other (very likable) aspects of who you are. Now it is time brand yourself more specifically. I believe this process needs to be organic and true-to-you. There are parts of you that have not been revealed as much as other parts. These other facets of what makes you unique must come out now/soon. The uniqueness/novelty of a female CW videographer is great of course, and, we've been allowed the extra special consideration of viewing your consistent growth and progress toward perfecting your craft. Now we need the equivalent of seeing the magician's elephant re-appear, but in a completely different location from where we first saw it. Initially the "Wow Factor" included the fact that we were viewing a female CW doing things we weren't accustomed to seeing. Your relative inexperience appeared to be bolstered by somewhat innocent/naive yet completely admirable objectives. Of course, your passion shined brightly and your wittiness was often on full display. To me it's very obvious that you COULD take your channel to an extraordinarily high place if that's what you want. Your passion, insights and creativity must now be mixed via a somewhat different way, i.e., a new recipe so to speak. A survey of your most trusted subs might be beneficial as their feedback could likely result in your gaining enough new insight/s to allow you to more easily transition to the "new and improved" version of your fine channel. I think it may just be about you viewing your own work as objectively as possible and arriving at some conclusions as to what you (and your viewers) most want to see and how to present it so that you're satisfied that your message is being made clear while your viewers also especially appreciate how you continually reinvent yourself which either each vid, or, series of vids. I confess, sometimes I get a little irritated about cliffhangers, but, if I truly enjoy what I'm watching then, yes, I become anxious to see the next stuff to satisfy my curiosity. As long as everything is presented in a purposeful way, and you maintain yours subs' attention/curiosity, I expect your channel to balloon to new heights, very, very soon. It would be especially exciting for me to see the "other Laura" from time to time, the Laura that can be surprising with her stronger/bolder side. The side that few ever see. The side that essentially says loud and clear that you're real, human, that you're tired and angry, and that is why you're passionate about not taking it anymore and now you are doing something about it. When you show that you, a female, can do what other cop watchers do, even better than they do, your legions of subs will more easily become inspired to take action themselves. When you demonstrate that a woman can take a stand (and many other men and women take note) while you refrain from creating the appearance of being unfairly biased people will relate to you, and, they will EXPECT you to lead them forward. Are you willing to let the lioness out of the cage? Love your work young lady. Thank you.

  5. yikes. i feel bad for people that dont know theyre rights. Do Not consent to searches or seizures. or searching thru ure car. tell them to get a search warrant.

  6. Most hospital calls I see in my area are walkaways that sneak out after having IV's installed because their veins are damaged from intravenous drug use, While others raise hell when they can't jump to the front of the line or get pain pills or shots, But maybe she was suspected of something else

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