LAPD Sergeant Alvarez part 2

**Warning, this is the raw unedited version of my talk with Sgt.Alvarez….which means there are some dizzy moments, but they don’t last long**
OK, so my last statement in this video may seem harsh….but my reasons of why I record the police, as I tell Sgt Alvarez is to keep police accountable- the reason I as a citizen takes time out of my life to record/keep police accountable is because the amount of misconduct, brutality, murder at the hands of our public servants is unacceptable!
While I record the police, I do not instigate anything, I don’t talk to the police while they are dealing with a “suspect” unless they say something to me first….
I am not out to record the police only to edit the situation into something false
I RECORD/VIDEO DOCUMENT THE POLICE TO KEEP THEM ACCOUNTABLE- it’s a fact, when the police know they are being recorded by an outside source (other then their own dash or body cams) they think about their actions a little more thoroughly.

It’s amusing when some police attempt to ignore our 1st amendment rights, or express that they don’t want to be recorded while on duty- it always brings up that phrase that the police themselves commonly use: “IF YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG…THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT”
I’m working on a video of an interview with the people involved in this video, you wont believe what one of them was charged with! also working on a video of the police ordering 2 men out of their car at gun point (standard police handguns plus 1 cop with a shot gun), not sure in what order they will be up, but stay tuned~Make sure to subscribe!

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43 thoughts on “LAPD Sergeant Alvarez part 2

  1. I enjoy how a lot of you find her cute or witty or smart while she continues to ask for his name "badge #" when primarily we dont even identify each other or find each other with a badge # lol. We use serial #'s. I enjoy how you guys think being an officer is like a movie. "Find the bad guy." "go stop the drug dealers." "It is so easy, you have so much power." lol Oh gosh. Do you even know the actual laws and what happens on a daily basis? I HIGHLY think not.

  2. 10 cars, about twenty cops to arrest two young girls getting a bit stroppy. Sgt Alvarez rants on about his 27 years of hard graft on the mean streets of LA. I was waiting for him to blurt out – "You can't handle the truth!". Pathetic!

  3. 10 cars, about twenty cops to arrest two young girls getting a bit stroppy. Sgt Alvarez rants on about his 27 years of hard graft on the mean streets of LA. I was waiting for him to blurt out – "You can't handle the truth!". Pathetic!

  4. 10 cars, about twenty cops to arrest two young girls getting a bit stroppy. Sgt Alvarez rants on about his 27 years of hard graft on the mean streets of LA. I was waiting for him to blurt out – "You can't handle the truth!". Pathetic!

  5. Another asshole Sergeant whose disgust of you questioning him is visible on his face the "fuck you" smile when he tries to belittle you as well as basically threaten you, "a girl has the freedom and right to walk where she wants with high priced video camera." Then the trademark of a fossil of a police officer "I don't care that you record, but ._.._.._.BS.._.._.._..BS" I haven't seen a cop yet that says that and then always wants to say well you edited that to make us look bad or whatever excuse they throw. I treat cops like my dog if the treats are out and noones watching them or the dog when you come back all you will see is a fatter sleeping dog and a torn to shit treat container, but if I watch the treats and the dog he only takes a treat when I give it to him. After a year of this training I can leave food beside Buddy and he won't touch it. We train or retrain these police and sheriff departments and once they learn we can move on to other training lessons. Courthouse's come to mind as a great place for some retraining. So continue to record the police from the Supreme Courts mandate of 10 feet and maybe one day there won't be a need for copwatchers.

  6. Alvarez had a glitch in his brain, he looked like he was going to go all Rodney King on you. Nothing is beyond them just to see if he could frighten you into leaving.

    Notice how all polite and how you read more into his action of pulling his baton. I was just putting this deadly weapon away…. I will have to beat someone senseless to justify his actions. Soon, he doesn't like to be unarmed.

  7. See that's why I love u Laura shark u take no shit from these thugs and it's even sexier how you do it and that's why ur my favorite cop watcher cause ur great at it and doing it with grace keep up the great work Laura ur the G.O.A.T

  8. What a jerk. This guy is out on the street. He is defensive and stupid. Time to retire. You tried to talk to him and you got nowhere. He probably beats his wife when he goes home. Or hopefully she has kicked him to the curb. All those years and he has learned nothing. What an arrogant fool. Thinks he knows everything.

  9. 0:01 – Immediately, this guy is in an offensive stance, pulling out the billy club, what…?? You feel you need to threaten "I'
    m just takin in out so I can sit in my car?
    Then put it away, if that's what this is…. don't just stand menacingly with that attitude….. sir

    0:12 – years on the force…. I never realy had to give my badge number before….. let me figure out what it is again……, hold on your honor…… I know these things means things…. and I should be held to a higher standard…. bug I'm just a regular guy, doing my job….. oh, here's my badge #!@@!!! huh…

    0:19 – Am I supposed to sit down with it in my car? – Hey dick…. don't ask me what you're supposed to "do" with a large black cylinder shaped object…. don't ask where I believe you should put said object, ok… don't ask… don't tell!

    0:33 – I don't know what you are trying to imply? Really officer? When acop grabs a weapon…. you have no ideas as to the implications of this fact?

    0:40 – still living in dream land… officer starts mentioning places he can't leave the billy club….
    Nobody suggests you "leave it out here", jackass!

    0:50 – What other questions do I have….? nice of you to ask…. huh… how far can you shove that stick up your…..

    0:58 – you're waiting for something to happen….. you should not wait for things to happen…. especially with police roaming around loose on the streets with weaponry!!

    1:05 – how is documenting the truth of a situation help the officer? Well…. it won't if we can only go by what the officer says, right? If the truth enters the picture and it happens to show the opposite of what an officer has noted for the record… well…. that might not help for anything more than gaining more fist-bumps in the locker-room after work!!

    1:20 – If I was out at midnight, I'd be doing something else….. (classic psychology move) suggesting he is either with criminal intent, or he would not be a cop, maybe… but he would not be here…. and neither should anybody else… while he's on the job… tonight…. forever…..

    1:30 – Notice the eyes. Notice the mouth, frowny-face, sad clown…. now go look at politicians who have bee caught with their dick out, shaggin with non-wives or stealing outright from the people…. same frowny…. same sad clown….. not so good at the top all the time, right?

    1:33 – Laughing at the suggestion of "Police Accountability"…. telling…. very telling

    1:45 – We're lucky to have the ability to walk around with a high priced camera…? So, this is abut property now… and protection of property… for you… officer? You need praise if I am able to make it back home at the end of the night?

    2:00 – "I don't like when people start things just to see how things are going to end…." – Do the police not use this as their current Method Of Operation?

    2:15 – Cameras Are Stirring…. to the officer!!!??

    2:30 – All the police cars don't make us feel safe… again… Police Can Riot at the drop of a hat

    4:05 – The fact that cop doesn't know what the camera is doing gives this officer right to make up stories as to what is going on… while a true and correct record can provide a more accurate picture of what happens…. Better than even police eye witness testimony…. which is just as unreliable as any eye witness testimony…..

    4:20 – You Are High!! Who, in their right, sane mind…. follows an armed police officer for 27 years….. are you kidding? That seems to instantly result in either a dead camera, of a perfectly useless patrolman….. following all the rules and never able to lie… imagine that…. you have to…. because it does not happen in this universe!!!
    You Follow A Cop, You Are Liable To Be Killed, Real Quick
    Cops Are Cops

    4:30 – I don't pull out the club for no reason, why would do that? Why would I need to intimidate anyone with a club? I'm not a caveman or anything…… or even caveman-like

    4:45 – "You weren't even in my vision when I saw you….."… What did I say about eye-witness testimony…. "…your honor… she wasn't in my vision when I saw her…. and that's my final answer!"

    5:10 – I don't care if the camera is upset or not…… I'm a cop….. I don't have to care…. I'm just doing my job

    5:15 – Like an admission of guilt…. your interpretation of things is different from my interpretation of things… only… my interpretations seem to always slant towards everyones else's guilt….
    No real help…. just doing my job…

    6:00 – "I feel like you are trying to get information out of me….. "
    Cops says "Why would I do that?"….. you kidding me??? You fucker get paid to make up stories about anyone you want…. Officer Slager showed Us The Truth!!!

    6:25 – Officer Hunter is a good officer… I don't know any shady little details of any crimes he might have been involved in!!! Boy!!! I Cannot Tell The Stories, But IF I COULD….???!!!! WHOA!!! Look Out!!!

    7:00 – offering threats to the people of san pedro…. or where ever he said…. fuck, this guy!!!

    7:10 – You take a career in a snapshot….

    Cops take lives in split seconds….
    Did we get to see Slager's career in his snapshot?
    How much better off would we be is Daniel Holtzclaw were still out raping women who don't matter to this society?
    Officer Pantaleo's Career Use was not summed up in a single viewing of one man's choking death?

    (BTW – This Is What Threatens Cops Lives So Much!!! The Truth In A Snapshot Is Too High A Standard To Live By!!! They Are Not Up To The Task!!! Lets keep it real)

    In order for the public to have an opinion of police conduct, we all would need to walk a mile in their shoes…..
    You Are Delusional!!!

    Nobody would suggest joining a gang to hep "change" the gang… to know the gangs side of things…. would they?
    Cops must be stupid on purpose!

    I can see what is wrong with you all from here, jackass!!

    7:30 – Whaaaa, Whaaaahh.. Stop Critiquing us, because you can't now how difficult it is to hold the power of life and death in any interaction you encounter… so… don't say anything?

    … Boo Fucking Whoooo!!!

    7:40 – Agreed 100% with LaurasharkCW

    Great Job LSCW!!
    We need to take it to the next level…
    They investigate us because they assume us guilty…. we need to speak to them as if they have already done wrong, to us!!!

    Thank you LauraShark

  10. the way he was dismissing your experiences dealing with police was disrespectful, officer like that are what is wrong with the police, he makes the police look bad with that "I don't give a shit attitude" toward citizens.

  11. Alavarez speaks the truth !! without cops ,law and order ,there would be complete anarchy !! Cop block and all the other shitheads speak of accountability ,but what about criminal accountability ?? owning up to the law broken ,instead of blaming law enforcement …

  12. That Sgt. Alvarez is dumb. I mean he doesn't have the ability to apply common sense. You are right. It doesn't matter what life they have or what they've been through. Police brutality is police brutality. And whether you are looking at it through the lens of a camera or just standing there watching it it is still police brutality. And if the job makes you that uptight that you feel committing police brutality is going to make you feel better then maybe it's time to choose another profession.

  13. poor Alvarez is probably just counting down the days that he can retire. No one in their right mind would be a cop nowadays. Who wants a job where they are being micromanaged every second

  14. This is stupid, people antagonize the police and then bitch when the ass beating comes. coward behind the camera instead of in the shit. walk a mile in the shoe of a cop then see if you look at it the same way. simple truth is all you have is speculation.

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