LAPD officer Garcia “BACK UP” Me “NO”

Link to video of Officer Garcia:
Link to video of Officer Sternin:

People get shot because cops fear “officer safety”, so for him to sling that at me, was embarrassing for him and his partner…..
I have seen on more then 1 occasion, 1 officer having to talk down his partner/the other officer before they go all ‘Punisher’ on me…..why? why do most cops feel that is an appropriate response to a citizen who is doing nothing wrong- a citizen exercising their 1st amendment right to record. Even if, they FORGOT the oath they made, to protect my rights- why is it they think, just because they are uncomfortable (no actual “fear” merely annoyed) that hostility is the appropriate response? ITS NOT, it is a sign of weakness, and further reminds me that this division (Harbor Division) is in some serious need of re training in deescalation….and anger managment…
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42 thoughts on “LAPD officer Garcia “BACK UP” Me “NO”

  1. Can I point out something? The officer is saying I don't know you, so you can't pass me Officer Safety, however he heard his partner just asked you how was Texas. So he knows you are not a threat.

  2. What complete bullshit. Being a cop does not even rate in the top 15 most dangerous jobs according to DOL. Being a landscaper or garbage man is more dangerous. In fact, if you discount car accidents, most of which are the cops fault, almost as many people die from getting lost in National Parks each year as do cops dying from violence. So, going for a hike in a park is just about as dangerous as being a pig. These guys are the biggest cowards you can hope to meet.

  3. Since courts have ruled that cops are not obligated to look out for the safety of the public, we are not obligated to be concerned for theirs. If they are so scared, they should quit and find even safer employment.

  4. "Officer safety" is bullshit similar to "stop resisting". I could care less about officer safety….I'm concerned with my safety!

  5. just remember arrests are public events and they are free come see the show its all ages and are open to the public 24hours a day come one come all please attend ….. is what they should say and provide proper lighting for you

  6. Here's my totally uninformed take on this. Order her to move away well before the tow truck arrived was BS. Ordering her not to "pass the cruiser" in the other direction by walking by the cruiser conducting the traffic stop at night in an alley seems legitimate to me because she'd have to walk pretty close to the cruiser and the open door during the traffic stop to do that. They do have the right to more or less complete control who enters and leaves the immediate area of the traffic stop, for their safety. Of course they often use that as a pretext to obstruct filing by ordering people to stand really, really far away.

  7. Garcia took control of the situation and wouldn't let Laura play the woman card. The best time to be a dick is when you are in a damned if you do, damned if you don't squeeze. Perhaps Garcia knows what he is doing, even if we don't? Nonetheless, I respect and appreciate what Laura does. She is a top class CW.

  8. It's such bullshit to be cuffed for something like this ya know? Garcia is a real punk and needs to feel the heat. Cops are such punks. Plz stay safe out there Laura! Blessings!

  9. Officer "Squidward" is probably somewhat nervous and miffed because he probably wanted to further search and rummage through the vehicle/driver, but didn't dare because he knew you were recording him. Great job Shark Girl! Keep on keeping on, and be safe out there!

  10. Strong, emotionally stable men are NOT the desired police recruit. Rather, weak self-entitled cowards with an overactive amygdala who follow orders without reasonable critical thinking is the desired hire. These are afraid of their own shadow, brought about by living a life without virtue and full of vice.

  11. the DUI fst video I refer to about officer Sternin….is not correct- (FST video is Sgt Ciezaldo)~ he is knows who I am- and so does officer Garcia because if Sgt Talmage did his job and found out who the officer was I asked for (Garcia) then he would have at least been notified of my ID request ….

  12. Wow…the cop has body armor and a gun, and he is concerned about a woman with a camera.

    Stay safe ladies.

  13. These are the more important types of first amendment audits.  Most people don't have the guts to do them.  Laura goes out, by herself, late at night in dangerous areas to do these audits.  What makes these audits far more difficult than filming police station buildings is that often times you have to operate in a legal grey area.  Also, you have to deal with corrupt cops and violent criminals.  Although Laura's views and subscribers is low, she has bigger balls than 90% of the male "first amendment auditors".

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