LAPD Officer Chandler HANDCUFFS THE VICTIMS SON for being upset

Ha, ha ha ha, another round with Officer Chandler. This time, the man who called the police for help TWICE the night before and this night because the mans moms car was broken into finally get a response. Officer Chandler and his partner show up, the guy is pissed, and verbalizes his frustrations, so they handcuff him and put him in the back of the police car! They did end up letting him go, but the man had a few choice words for the officers before going inside his home.Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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16 thoughts on “LAPD Officer Chandler HANDCUFFS THE VICTIMS SON for being upset

  1. police should realize SOMEBODY is going to film them in this day and age..they obviously need training in how to calmly and professionally deal with it

  2. If your out and about in a house coat and pjs probably not a good idea to walk into the glow of Foxys camera,,, SMH keep it moving ladies

  3. Every cop that shines a light on people filming should be fired. It shows they are a possible risk to the public since they cannot control their emotions and remain professional. Not to mention it is against their policy to interfere with filming AND its against our constitutional rights.

  4. Macho man that's funny,great song.Okay listen up little Missy.I would like to step forward and nominate myself as your personal wedding planner.What do you think ???????

  5. Stupid ass lady telling you not to film.  "you don't need to film because we are watching".  Yeah because testimony from a mother is always believed over testimony from two police officers.

  6. Laura go buy some shoes that don't make you sound like a 300 pound elephant using metal buckets for shoes. How could you ever sneak up on a cop in those shoes… Clump clump clump, with each step…….. Your funny chick……

  7. Ah ha ha! Village People! You nailed it.I almost stopped watching due to the palsy cam, but your hand was more steady after you sang. LOL. Nonetheless, good video. I like that you allow the a-hole officers to reveal themselves.

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