LAPD bully cops on patrol & a cop who doesn’t want to tell me

caught a couple of LAPD officers acting like bullys to a guy parked at a look out point….they didn’t stay long- I had to hang around that spot for a little while though, because they kept going around in circles to see where I was going- but then they got a call I heard, and I decided to head that way too, and ran back into them on a “possible GTA” suspect. I find it funny, that after a cop has profiled a person, suspected him of “stealing a motorcycle”, pulls him over in a car, finds out (or already knew) that he had the wrong guy, but hey, as luck would have it- the guy has a couple warrants- BUT WHEN I ASK WHAT HAPPENED? HE FEELS LIKE DOING THAT GUY A SOLID AND NOT “WANT TO TELL HIS BUSINESS”- seriously? like you give a f*ck….anyway- I ask the question already knowing the answer, maybe they will realize that one day soon, and just spill the beans – it’s not like i post any “suspects” first or last name in my videos- geeez
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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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27 thoughts on “LAPD bully cops on patrol & a cop who doesn’t want to tell me

  1. Every time you see a cop with his head shaved he think he a bad ass,,and they look like to me they have cancer taking kemo

  2. Watch that Playfair guy in San Diego, and his run ins with the law, and you and Zebra of course…Are cops out of control in California? They pretty much are in Texas, of course…

  3. Why is it that every ogre white bully cop has an Uncle Fester hair cut? The hair comes off then the chest goes out with arms lifting from their sides like they are bodybuilders or something. Clowns with an ego.

  4. Don't this very lonely people have anything better to do than bother the police. Maybe she should join an online dating site. However most of these women are so homely that no one will ask them out for a date. They have to do something so they try to get in the way of law enforcement.

  5. Notwithstanding any other provision of this subdivision, state and
    local law enforcement agencies shall make public the following
    information, except to the extent that disclosure of a particular
    item of information would endanger the safety of a person involved in
    an investigation or would endanger the successful completion of the
    investigation or a related investigation:
       (1) The full name and occupation of every individual arrested by
    the agency, the individual's physical description including date of
    birth, color of eyes and hair, sex, height and weight, the time and
    date of arrest, the time and date of booking, the location of the
    arrest, the factual circumstances surrounding the arrest, the amount
    of bail set, the time and manner of release or the location where the
    individual is currently being held, and all charges the individual
    is being held upon, including any outstanding warrants from other
    jurisdictions and parole or probation holds.

  6. when the conversation is switched to the point they are playing you, hit them hard. blowing it off with just an "ok" and a giggle just means he won't think twice about pulling the same crap on the next stop. J.M.O. Shark, your camera work has really tightened up girl.

  7. So why would you think the cop should tell you what they are doing there. And why shouldn't the cop protect the privacy of the person they are dealing with. You have already filmed the guy being arrested and posted it on the net. At least on COPS and other shows they blur the faces of those who don't want to be filmed.

  8. Amazing efforts by this activist/journalist. Consistently meaty stuff from a righteous and passionate citizen throwing caution to the wind and remaining one-minded to document the real reality that is life in the greater LA area. This young lady is showing how a concerned citizen can protect and serve their neighborhood/community family. Thank you!

  9. Cops are idiots,, this is all part of public record.. Cops are just prowling around to write tickets in order to drum up business for the courts.  It is a huge racket to extort money from the public to pay the cities debts back to the bankers… Most of what cops do is bullshit in the first place… Laura hammer home in your commentary about the bankers debt and how courts and cops are hand in glove with this extortion…. good job

  10. "I'm not allowed to talk about my double top secret agent covert operations."
    Yet another public servant who believes that he is not accountable to the citizens who pay his salary, and that his actions on our behalf can be conducted in secrecy.

  11. The US Cops are nothing more than Sadistic Lying Coward Thug Domestic TERRORIST with badges! FTP!
    You are more 58 times more likely to be murdered by a COP than a Radical Muslim!
    Who are the real TERRORIST? Who is protecting the Citizens from this Threat?
    Lying Coward Thug Domestic Terrorist with Badges. Costumed Maniacs = "You WILL comply or die"!
    Cops that disregard the US Constitution and Abuse/Murder the Citizens need to be Fired, Jailed, and Horse Whipped!

    The Pu$$y cops hide behind the American Flag, Heroism, Public Safety, Officer Safety, Corruption, and Lies!

    The Corruption starts at the Top… Hold the Chief of Police Accountable for the Police Crimes!
    Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave! United Police States of America!

    What law says I have to get down on my Face… This is Bull $hit! I am a human being and I will Not Grovel to some Pu$$y with Badge! It is a serious intrusion upon the sanctity of the person, which may inflict great indignity and arouse strong resentment.

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