20 thoughts on “Keep defunding the police to get this

  1. Hello from North Carolina. First let me say thank you for your service as a law enforcement officer!
    I find it funny that a lot of those IDIOTS called politicians who want to defund the police are surrounded by guys carrying guns, and over half of the IDIOTS who are just plain everyday folks are carrying a gun on them. I know here in NC where I'm from almost everyone you see is carrying a gun. When I go out I always have 2 handguns on me plus extra magazines and ammo, and in my truck I usually carry a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with some special shells, and I always have a rifle too, either my 7 mag, AR-15, 308, 762×39, 30-30, 30.06, 338, 458, or I've even carried either my Barrett 50 cal or my Serbu 50 cal. I'm 62 years old, I've owned guns since I was 10 years old and own SEVERAL guns and I've never once harmed another person with any of my guns and I pray that I'm never put in a situation where I am forced to use it against another person, but I will if I have to! The last time I had to call the Sheriff's office for a guy trying to break into my house while I was home and it took them 45 minutes to get to my house. I wound up shooting out the window of my back door where the guy was trying to get into just to let him know he was about to meet his maker. He got the message!! He was on drugs or something because it was about 2am and he either thought he was at someone else's house or he was trying to break in. I told the Deputy when he finally got her that I hated to tear him away from his card game in the basement of the court house in the dispatchers office. He looked at me and said, how did you know I was in the dispatchers office and I said because I worked for the county for 6 years and had to check in down in the dispatchers office because it was so early in the morning and every time I went there was always some ON DUTY deputies and highway patrolman playing cards down there. But he looked and saw the tracks in the wet grass where he left out of my yard. Then the Deputy told me you should have shot his ass and then told me if he comes back shoot his ass, put a knife in his hand and call us. We've got a few good deputies here in Nash County North Carolina but I do know for a fact that one Deputy sold cannabis and another sold cocaine, two or three got caught by the US Marshall's for selling illegal guns. I do think we need to weed out the bad ones in law enforcement and keep the good ones, just like the politicians, they should only be allowed to have an 8 year shelf life just like our POTUS does and about 90% of the politicians should either already be at GITMO or be GITMO garden fertilizer!!
    Again Mike, thank you for your service as a law enforcement officer and keep making these videos. I love watching them my friend. You do a great job.

  2. As a conservative, I've always supported law enforcement. My brother is an ex-cop. But, after witnessing police, all over America, arresting people for not wearing masks or for opening their businesses, how can I? The answer is, I can't. Law enforcement showed everyone during Covid, that they are order followers, not protectors of society. Police chose to stand with politicians rather than their communities. EVIL. Now, I stand in unity with leftists nutjobs, and I too support DEFUNDING ALL POLICE. Let's get back to the days of societal justice, and we won't need police. And criminals will get tye message too.

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