39 thoughts on “K-9 training experience – Salisbury police department – were good no witnesses

  1. I live about 40 mins from Salisbury, NC. There is a lot of racism, & aggressive tyrants on the police department there. This video really pisses me off. I wish dogs were not allowed to be police officers anymore. They are not treated well much of the time and it gives the dogs a mean reputation and makes people, especially people of color scared of them. Dogs are the best friends a human can have. They are not usually aggressive unless trained to be. Plus they take on the personality of the handler. I hope this poor dog was removed from this mans care.

  2. Aside from the fact that that douche bag abused his 4th amendment violator, that they were saying "no witnesses, we're good" means every cop in that video should immediately be terminated. Every one.

  3. Oh, man.. PETA's gonna be pissed! β€” and rightly so. Furthermore, who wouldn't be? This is the type of anger, from witnessing such cruelty, that just breaks your heart.

    It's an interesting emotion for sure.. but this recording speaks volumes in relation to many aspects of police tactics and training. (Especially involving K9 units)

  4. The k-9 officer crossed the thin blue line, he should call his union rep and press charges against that officer πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. Ooops I forgot. Cops don’t turn in other cops when they break the law it’s against the blue line code…

  5. "We're good. No witnesses!" doesn't mean much when we are sitting here watching and talking about the blue-on-blue crime, psychotic episode, and animal abuse that was definitely recorded.

  6. As a dog person who pet is his service animal in beyond disgusted & shocked & so sad after watching this… I will be getting people together after seeing this

  7. Hmmm Thats why I say are Black folks really the bogeyman some claim???? OR is it Really The United States government?? Like the Texas chainsaw massacre, The case today still remains open………………

  8. shouldn't he be charged with aggravated battery on a police officer? any of us would have been if we did what he did. prime example of us vs. them. sickening, he should be fired and charged with animal cruelty.

  9. The perpetrator is mentally unqualified to supervise and/or train any animal. Animals do not have the ability to understand instant corporal punishment. IMO and life experience raising cattle, sheep, horses And wild critters, you can hurt their feelings much worse in your tone of voice and directive hand motion.

  10. It means to me that no one other than police were around to see it. And as such they were free to do what they did without having to worry about repercussions. If we, as civilians, did that while "training" our dog, we would be arrested for animal cruelty.

  11. If 200 of us assembled and decided we didnt want that guy policing Americans anymore, and decided that dog doesnt need to be on k9 duty anymore, I bet we could get it done.

  12. I'm laying here with my German shepherd, with whom I routinely rough house, and its really strange how well he understands words. I've never had to use any force to get my dog to comply. Its built into German shepherds who respect you and arent afraid of you.

    These k9 handlers should put their duty guns in their mouths tonight. The world needs less pieces of shit in it.

  13. Its always the little fuckers isn't it? they cant fucking help themselves, I think they should have a height requirement to join the gangster's. another Napoleon complex , no doubt he beats his old lady and kids, SICKENS ME!!!!!!! get him alone in an alley he would piss himself without back up, These types of cops really don't understand that we THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT! IT MUST END NOW! that scene reminded me of the Nazi SS with there German shepherds

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