27 thoughts on “JMU (public funded) DELETED this fb story after making this comment on Rittenhouse trial.

  1. The communist terrorist propagandist should have went with the "Kyle rounded up all the jews in Kenosha and dumped his 600 round mag drum of 556. into them because he's a neonazi who plays cod." angle… that would have at least had some truth mixed in there… lol

  2. Two beautiful black lives…Kyle Rittenhouse killed??? Clearly he has this case confused with some other case somewhere…OR…he is just that dumb.πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. It really is a shame that people are being lied to by corporate/politically influence media… This is the perfect time for people on the right wing, who saw how this prosecutor lied and exaggerated this situation to join forces with people on the left wing, and work on reducing the power and coruption of prosecutors and police. We need to stop the practice of adding charges just to bury someone and force a plea deal, so the defended can not make a clear decision……….

    The truth is the 2 major parties do not want to take power away from prosecutors or police, this is why they focus on racial issues… Don't get me wrong, even if race is an issue, the way to solve it is to focus on abuses and aggressive government power and over policing that makes people not trust police and the judicial system. This prosecutor knew the one guy pointed a hand gun at Kyle, if he didn't than it is because he didn't want to know. Imagine the lower income people that just get crushed. I am pretty sure there are black and white people sitting in prison for doing exactly what Kyle did, but did not have the resources to prove self defense, so they took a plea deal forced by prosecutors like this. I hope that isn't true, but I fear it is

  4. Before you talk shit about someone make sure you have the right information because he didn't shoot black men they were white shows that your college education was a waste of money

  5. He killed white people who were defending black lives– White supremacists will kill THEIR OWN now for defending us.

    Why post this? Honestly, the trial is over. Let it go. Y'all are such sore winners. It's not enough for people to have died and that little Nazi youth get off but you have to search for things to be pissed off about.

    Petty and stupid but not surprising, y'all perpetually play victim πŸ™„.

    And I won't be reading any psycho responses to this so feel free to scream into the void cause this post will trigger some

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