Cop Fired for Anonymous Support of Rittenhouse?

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45 thoughts on “Cop Fired for Anonymous Support of Rittenhouse?

  1. If you buy black rifle coffee your money is going to ActBlue, gun control organizations, and leftist politicians. That’s not exactly helping veterans. If someone wants to support that then fine. The problem is they lie about it. They claim to be the exact opposite of what they really are because they found a niche market to profit off of. And of course they threw Kyle under the bus. Why wouldn’t they? They’re leftists. What leftist supports the 2nd amendment?

  2. He's fired because other people broke the law hacking the website and releasing the anonymous information? Yeah……….he should sue the sh!t out of them. I think a lot of lawsuits need to happen to fix this crap we are in.

  3. The fact that they got the info from a "hacker", which I believe is still illegal, and the guardian printed the address of an anonymous donor, should, in my opinion, be of more importance to the police dept. than trying to hang this guy who has every right to believe in what he wants (I think freedom of belief is still a thing in the USA).

  4. Thank you for this video!!! First I used to live in Norfolk and still work in Norfolk, the city's gov't is pretty corrupt IMO. They have the highest taxes in the region, poorest roads in the area, waste money on ridiculous projects, are more worried about downtown Norfolk over the rest of the city. I moved back to Virginia Beach after living in Norfolk for about 15 years. I had issues with people breaking into my house, stealing from my yard, people shooting off guns randomly in the section 8 house that was behind me and if you call the police they either never showed up or it would take hours for them to finally arrive. My wife was physically assaulted by a lunatic neighbor one day while I was at work. When she was bringing up the trash cans there was a shirt laying in the yard next to the trash can so she picked it up and tossed it in there. Lunatic neighbor comes banging on the door and when my wife stepped outside the neighbor blew a gasket about my wife throwing her kid's clothes away. Like my wife was supposed to know who it belonged to. This happened at about 11:30 in the morning and the police didn't show up to take a report and go and interview the neighbor until 10pm that night. Ridiculous. Moved back to VB where my wife and I were originally from and have had no problems since.
    Second, thank you for bringing up (and of course the support for) the libtard myth about BRCC & KR. I get sick and tired of hearing people whine about that and the NYT piece. As far as KR they clearly stated that they were not trying to profit from a tragic incident in the days immediately following said incident before all of the facts and plethora of evidence was known. I commend that stance personally. As far as the NYT article goes the same people that are bitching about that will turn around and say "oh you know you can't trust what the liberal media says" when something that they are supportive of gets misrepresented in said media. Fucking Hippocrates I tell ya!!! I support BRCC and Lt. William Kelly fully.

  5. Sorry Mike, but you're wrong about BRCC. Further, the CEO donates to leftists (such as Tulsi Gabbard), and members of the staff donate directly to leftist causes. I'm taking my business to Blackout Coffee.

  6. Mike respectfully disagree on BRCC. Hafer said in the New York Time Article he believed Kyle was guilty. Hafer then retweeted said article when it was release. Only after receiving backlash did Hafer say the article took his comment out of contexts. Hafer then later recanted on Twitter said statement and agree with article and then once again DELETED THE TWEET. It has only been the other partners of BRCC trying to stop the bleeding of customers from BRCC which have supported Kyle. Hafer is an egotistical maniac which I have no desire to support in any way regardless of this GREAT support for Veteran needs. To be plainly blunt to you and Donut on this same topic, I do not support Starbucks for their activisms why would I support another COFFEE company which like to stick their foot in their mouth. I support your decision to support BRCC. But to quote Hafer, I must be one of those people he would like to pay to not be customer of BRCC. Mission Successful!

  7. I will assuredly presume Biden's FBI/DOJ is fervently tracking down the hackers who illegally stole and then dispersed confidential data. Surely, such an egregious afront to U.S. cybersecurity MUST not be tolerated if our liberties and data/financial freedom are to be preserved! Go, Merrick Garland!

  8. I’m not a police officer, but what I am is an Alderman, and I would have a spineless chief like that on the carpet explaining themselves at our very next meeting, with a motion to make them the new meter maid to follow when they were done lying to me. I feel like a dying breed most days, but this crap doesn’t happen in our city because men like me still aren’t afraid to, in the biblical sense, flip over a few tables.

  9. Oh the good ole standard of hypocrisy of the losing left. This is about self defense and if you don't want self defense in the USA then you probably live in the WRONG country and can go somewhere else, thank you.

  10. I would be interested in seeing a video about how BRCC didn't throw kyle under the bus cause the things that I have seen, they did. Also heard there is proof they donated to anti gun Democrat campaigns but I would love to see the other side of it so as to know exactly what's going on. Throw us a video mike!!

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