JMA Threatened in front of cops – roommate brought home a transient call

A call came in that roommates were fighting when someone brought home a transient. I’ve not heard this call, but it sounded like an inflated situation at the end.

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47 thoughts on “JMA Threatened in front of cops – roommate brought home a transient call

  1. IMO> ???At what point in the last 100+ years did the law change to where someone has to give their permission to be filmed in public. from public?
    He seems really spun, and strung out? Even after cops said you can film, his issues prevented him from listening?

  2. That little puppy was all bark. Let him run into a big dog, and watch his ass get chewed up and spit out. Stupid just got out of jail, and he's going to run up on you in front of a cop. I'm sure his prison boyfriend can't wait for him to come home.

  3. "don't judge me cause i live here"
    i don't know what's more sad, that he's insecure about people thinking he has no money or him thinking that having no money is something to be ashamed of.

  4. Bumble bee boy needs to stop smoking that meth. He sure looks off key. Also he needs to learn to dance. Those drugs don't do much for his street cred, not that he has any. Was it him trying to pick up some man. Looks suspect closet, pretending to be a man.

  5. Oh yea… that's a really successful multi business owner in the community! Has a scrap metal collection business where it goes into and strips copper pipes even without being hired, takes the initiative despite not even being requested or wanted! Has a blood and plasma donation company where it is the only employee, has a service where it collects anything of possible value left outside that can be quickly carried away, sometimes it even helps community members out by taking stuff inside homes and garages without even having to be asked! It is partnership with local pawn shops where it provides them with merchandise to sell! It also has a business where it sells ebt at half price! It also sells goods right off the shelf from local stores at a discounted rate or discounted gift cards after returning items helped from the shelves!!!! It also provides local methamphetamine dealers with a constant stimulus of money ensuring that market flows uninterrupted! It's an upstanding citizen and contributing member of society! Judging by that little dance it did while deep in another realm within its own mind it has recently contributed to the local methamphetamine industry and will be riding that wave of contribution for the next 3 days before a fiery crash. Hahahahaha I love how despite a crippling lifelong history of perpetual legal troubles these types still are so short sighted that they believe crime and penalty is simply from point of arrest to bonding out and that it is over from there, failing to consider the nearly permanent impact of incarceration to probation or parole and reoffending compound penalties that make it likely a normally lesser viewed offense will come with steep penalties upon consideration of criminal history and likelihood of posing a problem or danger in society if permitted to remain in society in terms of penalties. I've seen genuinely good people with unfortunate circumstances of history serve steep sentences on summary offenses and be thrown the book and some on charges that would otherwise be let off with programs or light probation, all because judges or even magistrates factored their history or current status as a member of society. I've seen steep contempt penalties for utterly insane reasons even out of people's control just because of who they are and the fact that judges simply don't like them or what they do for society with essentially no recourse. An attitude like that where you believe you can do as you please including creating an actual victim and have no worries about consequence because you believe you can just bond out and that be that, would be very likely to see a spite ruling just to wipe the feces from your grin.

  6. 👍💪😊 Even a blind person could tell that ass was a meth head ffs. I guess only possession of the drug is illegal. Being high isn't? The opposite of alcohol sort of?🤷

  7. Who-Hooo Texas is almost a Constitutional Carry state now, the good guys now have the upper hand over the criminal thugs of the world! I hope Florida can follow the lead of these other states and make carrying legal soon.

  8. Poof: dont judge me cause where i live , i have an expensive lawyer

    Everyone on YouTube: yeah we just did and why would you need a lawyer? Wait…..yep we know why you have a lawyer, your a crackhead.

  9. Couldn't stand in one spot long enough to block the camera. 🤔 I was dumb enough to threaten someone in front of a cop once, and went straight to jail.

  10. My grandfathers full name was "James Madison keefer" … I just found this site …. I will be in touch "for" your future audits and capability….

  11. Stripey shirt boy thinks that owning 3 businesses having a really expensive phone and having his very own attorney makes him something special. Probably a gangster in the making.

  12. The guy in the black shirt is the definition of not having any education . People like that guy I don't feel bad whenever they get shot by the police 🤷

  13. The dude with the sleeveless shirt was a start up Jackass talking about his money and expensive phone, smh! It sounds like he is trying to compensate for something he does not have. The dude is so ignorant he does not even realize that you are there to make sure the cops do not violate his rights.

  14. Homeboy sure was jumpy. Better watch the way you say "OK" with him, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Shit I( was right. He did flick his cigarette at the cop. HAHAHAHAHAHA I know what would happen if an auditor did that 100%!

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