Jeremy Dewitte tried hitting up his mom for cash. It didn’t go well. At all.

On October 30, 2019 Jeremy Charles Dewitte was arrested on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer and interception of wire communications. According to an affidavit by Sergeant Keith Vidler of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office — edited for brevity: “On 09/16/2019 I responded to the Blue Jacket Park to assist the Orlando Police with an incident between Metro State Vehicle Protection Company and an OCSO off-duty deputy sheriff. Upon arrival, I made contact with all parties involved and determined that further investigation needed to be conducted, and no arrest was made at the scene in regards to the complaints by Deputy Mohney, K. Mohney, and Jeremy Dewitte. One of Dewitte’s employees, Randall Brocius, was arrested for openly carrying a firearm.

On 09/18/2019, at approximately 0830 hours, I was contacted about a complaint by Dewitte in reference to OCSO Deputy Mohney. Dewitte gave the phone number of a potential witness (Aaron Giachetz) who observed the confrontation between himself and Deputy Mohney.

On 09/19/19, I obtained statements from Deputy Mohney and K. Mohney. Both stated they observed what appeared to be a police motorcycle holding traffic. Both indicated the person riding the motorcycle appeared to be a police officer by the way he dressed and acted. Both positively identified the motorcycle rider (Randall Brocius) as the person I took into custody for openly carrying a firearm at Blue Jacket.

T. Mohney stated that Dewitte directed him with voice commands and hand signals to move out of the left lane, into the right lane, which he was blocking. They also stated they observed Dewitte directing traffic with hand signals and waving several vehicles through the intersection in the left through lane. They advised that Dewitte then raised his hands up, indicating for them to stop.At this point, the witnesses advised that Dewitte yelled at them about being in his funeral procession and ordered Mohney to go. Mohney then slowly continued to drive past Dewitte, who was on the driver’s side of their vehicle. Due to Dewitte blocking the right through lane, Deputy Mohney attempted to merge back into the left through lane.As the front bumper of Mohney’s truck passed Dewitte’s location, he slapped the hood of Mohney’s vehicle with both hands. Dewitte then proceeded to put his right hand on his gun holster in a threatening manner, putting everyone inside Mohney’s vehicle in fear for their safety. K. Mohney, seated the front passenger seat, stated she was stressed and afraid for herself, Todd, and their 4-year-old child in the backseat.

Mohney pulled up to Dewitte, who began yelling “You can’t drive in and out of my funeral” repeatedly. Both witnesses stated Dewitte kept placing his right hand on his handgun in a threatening manner. Mohney advised Dewitte that he was a cop and that his actions were unlawful and Dewitte yelled back, stating, “It doesn’t matter! Get out of my escort, f***boy!” Deputy Mohney called 911 to report this confrontation to the Orlando Police Department. While on the phone with dispatch, several Metro State vehicles began following him to Blue Jacket Park.

On 09/20/19, at approximately 0900 hours, [officers] made contact with witness Aaron Giachetz whose information was provided to OCSO by Dewitte. Mr. Giachetz stated that on 09/16/2019, while at the intersection [], he observed a Metro State motorcycle enter and take control of the intersection. Mr. Giachetz said he waited at the intersection for approximately six light cycles before a B&W Metro State Chevy Tahoe arrived, at which point Dewitte exited the Tahoe looking like a cop wearing a uniform that resembled law enforcement. Mr. Giachetz observed an altercation between Dewitte and the driver of a black Dodge pick-up truck. Mr. Giachetz stated he observed Dewitte place his right hand on his handgun and aggressively approach the driver of the truck. Mr. Giachetz had seen Metro State in the past and knew Metro State was not law enforcement. . . .”


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44 thoughts on “Jeremy Dewitte tried hitting up his mom for cash. It didn’t go well. At all.

  1. Jeremy's second attempt at blackmailing his mother for money happened mere minutes after this one ended. That call, and another in which Jeremy attempts to tamper with evidence, will be available on Patreon today.

    *If for any reason that's not your thing, both videos will be available here (for free) next week.

  2. It wasn’t even fuckn ME! THEY’RE FUCKN WITH ME! I have no money… But you better get the family together. And you better get a bunch of money. Mom this isn’t right! And I didn’t do anything!

  3. "When they falsely accused Dillon" Uhh nook, we all watched that sting. It was not a false accusation. And Jeremy's assault on the 15 year old was pure grooming. He cut her hair off and made her wake at 5 and exercise. She had to wear a uniform he picked out. Then he stated taking her to lunch etc. He assaulted her in his car, in her room. He is not a fun goofball. He needs to be off the streets.

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