28 thoughts on “Is this reckless behavior for los angeles fire department? #losangeles #lafd #sanfernandovalley

  1. since the entire video isn't posted here for context. 90+ year old woman was scared, confused and a bit disoriented. it was 11:30 pm, she had been abruptly woken up by an alarm in her house

  2. Holy hell 😳
    I would never of expected an old lady smack dang in the middle of the street while that huge ass engine was turning around.
    Where is the common sense in these people 🤔

  3. They're so used to seeing their Tyrant police buddies do it that they thought they would join in too they're starting to get on my nerves now…. We might need to focus a little more on them

  4. Lafd is reckless in hiring qanon anti science emts chiefs engineers hosemen and any other fire department employee who refuses to get a vaccine and wear a mask, people will end up suing them for spreading the virus and also spreading lies about the virus as public officials

  5. Personally I know it is irresponsible. If civilian heavy machine operators did the same, would LE call it irresponsible?🤷 Of course they would because it was🤦‍♀️

  6. When I was young, helping an elderly person cross the street was an honorable thing to do… being that you have a tripod, or a MOBILE camera why didnt you interfere? Just curious how you made that assessment of her being scared, confused and disoriented, yet you let her walk in the middle of the road.

  7. Stupid FD is getting as bad as the cops. Even if they ran her over, the internal investigation would show they did nothing wrong. The woman would have (or her estate) would have gotten a ticket for obstruction

  8. Seems to be sidewalks there why did you stand there and not get her out of the road, those firetrucks did not just happen to be there! I would have got her out of the way come on Johnny you are better than that!

  9. Nope, no problem at all.
    Both drivers front and rear did nothing wrong.
    Stay home if the world scares you, even better – stay out of the street.
    Why are you being such a snowflake about this?

  10. reckless = (ill considered, thoughtless, hasty, irresponsible, unthinking…)
    the word fits especially in the 'thoughtless' sense. just ONE fireman could taken 2 minutes to step out and help guide the poor obviously confused woman get back to a safe spot and show some concern, as any one with a perception of care would have, then easily jumped back to the trucks.

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